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Do you feel like you make a difference?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
For me, I try to. Ever since I started working around Climate/Change – Global Warming, I try to educate people that I know. I try to tell them that it’s serious, and should be taken seriously. I don’t go out of my way to educate people, but if the topic does come up, or if I noticed something that he/she could have done differently to help the planet then I will mention stuff about it.


Registered Member
Honestly? No. I spent a long time trying to correct people on things, trying to get my point across and all it seemed to get me was being laughed or shouted down by people who clearly didn't know what they were talking about but were so ignorant to this would be unwilling to listen.

As a result these days I basically just try to live my life and be as quiet as possible. On politics, ESPECIALLY politics, religion, the world in general. It seems you can be basted for just about anything and honestly? Life is to short to get into arguments. I have better things to do.


Registered Member
I think that making a difference isn't just about educating people on a given subject. I think it's about trying to make someone's day better or anything. Just the little things.

Personally, I don't know if I ever made a difference in someone's life unless I was told so. I've tried over the years to do some kind gestures without expecting anything in reward. Just trying to make people around me better in an attempt to make myself feel better. It doesn't always work but I feel like eventually, somehow, it will. I just have to be patient and believe that everything happens for a reason.


I hope so. I'm someone who likes to think that small things do in fact count for something. I believe that a lot of people help in just small ways then it can have a larger impact.

In terms of things I do to try help the environment, I recently switched from a vegetarian to a vegan diet, and there's a lot of evidence to show that a vegan diet is the best diet for the environment and to help reduce the impact of global warming.

Could Going Vegan Save Millions Of Lives?

Aside from that, I do little things. Like buying 100% recycled toilet paper. Using my own stainless steel drink bottle and never buying plastic ones. Taking my own fabric bags to the supermarket and trying to buy as little plastic products as possible. I even shop at a plastic free supermarket sometimes that we have here, where you buy all the product by weight and put it in whichever container you bring from home.

I also try to educate people locally on Australian issues, such as the impact of invasive species like cats on the environment, to try get people to keep their cats inside.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Probably not but I try in little ways, if I catch someone polluting our creek by riding a 4 wheeler in the water, or dumping, I will call the Department of Conservation on them. I try to recycle when possible.