Do you feel better after crying or think its pointless


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Not sure how many people cry here or I'm not even sure how many people will actually admit it lol but here goes. I have seen many people feel better after crying but why do we cry?? Do you think it helps or do you think it's pointless to feel that emotion IYHO?


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I think it depends what it is. When my grandpa died I cried because he was a huge part of my life. I don't really cry for much but for something like that I definitely admit I've done it.

Didn't necessarily make me feel better...I just had no other choice.


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I cry all the freakin time. Usually it makes me feel better because it's cathartic. It's good to get the emotions out otherwise I'll blow up.


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Generally I feel worse after crying, on those rare occasions I do, because it always gives me a migraine straight afterwards that doesn't go away unless I sleep. Emotionally it does help, but the benefits don't outweigh how bad the migraine is.


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i always feel better after crying to.. i dont know why it helps i wonder if it releases some hormones or something in ur brain..


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Usually when I break down in tears its because of a close personal death(family or friend), other than that the other breaking point would be if I was really stressed and nothing I did worked to get out of it. I've had several of those moments where I was so down, I got depressed and cried and slept. Those are what I call my "rock bottom" days.



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I rarely cry. I've been to three funerals and haven't cried at one despite caring about the people in the casket very much. I always thought I was odd and felt guilty that I didn't cry when I was expected to.

But when I do cry I find it helps me feel better :)


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When I cry it takes me a long time to get over the tearful state. And that's because I constantly think of what caused me to cry in the first place. Since I'm in such a yicky mood when I cry I find that by the time I'm done, it was kind of pointless.
But it does help get out the emotions and once I finish (though it takes time) I won't look back on it and start crying again.


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I had recently teared up while watching a movie, and another time while reading a book. Just a tear or two, but I had been talking to people about how showing/releasing emotion, even in small senses such as these, is helpful physically and mentally. Even if the sadness doesn't leave immediately (which it rarely does), this is a natural and essential part of humanity, in my opinion.

As far as full on crying, I personally haven't in a very long time. I think my Grandma's brother (the oldest one that is a priest) gave a really touching homily and I just had lost it from then on, lol. Typically with things involving me - health issues, feeling lonely a certain day, etc. - usually don't cause me to cry.

Emotion and release will never be pointless, it's just up to us to define how much of a role they play in our lives.

Good idea for a thread, CB!