Do you fear death?


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It's the most natural thing known to man......death.

It's inevitable that you will one day die, when that day is nobody knows.

But do you fear that day and how often do you think about dying?

I don't fear death within myself I only fear death in regards to my family and friends.


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To be honest, I fear things that are worse than death in in my eyes, and that would be things like going deaf or blind.

I still fear death to an extent, but it is inevitable and it should happen, and I won't be suffering what it's done, so I really have come to fear things that will cause me suffering beyond my limit more.
Not at all. The thought of dying one day has never bothered me much, not even the "how" of it.
What scares me is leaving my girls behind and the loss they would feel.


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Dying before I've accomplished everything I want to accomplish scares me a little, but other than that, no.


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I always fear death and always will. I know that death will eventually come, but I'm not ready for it at the moment, and I believe it's going to take me a long time to get ready for it.


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Nope..I have never feared death not even before I was diagnosed with a TI. Death is inevitable. I think I fear my boys or wife going before I do.

As for fearing Death, I have no fear of something that is coming for me anyways.