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Do you exercise?


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I had been going to a local gym for a while, but stopped this past month due to moving out to Colorado. I haven't found a new gym to join yet.

I have some basic equipment anyway that I can use to work out, such as dumbbells, pull up bar, bench, etc.

Then of course push ups are a given. Any time, any place. :)

My only problem is that I don't run very much, so I get worn out fast when doing so. I won't even mention my time on the mile, but it's gotten much worse after moving to 7,500 feet altitude! :(

I've tried some mountain biking which will REALLY kick your butt, and also some street biking just in neighborhoods, but with pretty intense hills.

I miss the flat biking of Nebraska already. So far I haven't found anything even close to it. :D

So, what do you do for exercise?


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I walk 2 miles every morning, and twice a week I do 2 miles on some pretty intense hills. Then my job is pretty physical as well. I have a pedometer and during the week when I am working I put 20 to 25k steps on it daily. the weekends 10 to 12 LOL


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Uh-oh. Now I feel like a sloth or some other creature.

I walk my dog but that's about it. Used to do the treadmill regularly but it's so much nicer to walk here. I don't do nearly as much as I should though.

I wish there were some form of exercise that I really enjoyed. I would love to rollerblade, but the roads here are too narrow with few sidewalks to do it safely.


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Well this past week I spent about 5 hours helping my cousins move a huge pile of dirt from our driveway around to the back of the house, where some of the bank has eroded. I rediscovered muscles I did not know I had as well as reacquainting my hands with blisters. It's all done now but made me realize I really am out of shape in terms of strength and endurance, but did make me glad I'm not working on a chain gang. :)


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I want to start running, but I don't know where or how.


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Excercise? What's that? lol. I do the walk around the block thing and try to shoot some hoops. I wish I can lift weights but I can't. The doctor put me on weight restrictions because of my heart. I am also eating healthier eating chicken and fish. I cut down on fast food. So no more eating 2 big macs, 3 double cheeseburgers etc. I also cut down on drinking. It's time that I take care of my health.


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Surfing, Surfing, and more surfing. Be it on land or water. I just can't get enough!

Hey Andrew try The Garden of the Gods. You will like that. :nod: