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Do you ever say 'no'?


When someone invites you out, whether they're friends or a date do you ever say 'no' ?
It may sound a stupid question but I have a friend who never says 'no' to anyone who asks her out and then she comes to me revealing that she didn't really want to go out, it's just that she didn't want them to feel rejected.

To me that sounds ridiculous.

Personally, I have no problem answering with a 'no'.


Sultan of Swat
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I don't always say yes when my friends ask me if I want to go out to a bar or a club, but I don't say no often. It's not that I feel bad from saying no, it's just that I don't like to stay at home during the weekends, and my friends are a bunch of fun so I know I'll end up having a great time.


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Can we get a big hell no??
Nope.....I have no problem saying "No".


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Have the courage to say NO. Have the courage to put forward the truth. Do the right thing, because it's true. This is the key to live your life with integrity


#2 New Zealander
I don't think its a big deal saying no. Sometimes I just can't be bothered going out or think it would be a bad night. In never rude about it, but I'm ok with saying no


4 legs good 2 legs bad
If I don't feel like going out then I usually say no. Sometimes I would just rather stay home and relax.


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Simple can not be bothered to say 'yes' all the time - plus that's how double booking happens haha


I say 'no' 90% of the time. Haha. I hate being social, so I usually say no or make up an excuse or just duck their calls when I know that's what they're going to ask. Maybe I'm a terrible friend? Who cares. Ha.


Where is my Queen?
I say no all the time, and when they ask why, I just say that I don't feel like it. I am not going to come up with a lousy excuse to not to hang out with one of friends.