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Do you ever act differently around anyone?


Sally Twit
Is there anyone in your life such as a family member that when you're around them you find yourself changing the way you behave? Maybe you are careful not to swear in front of them or maybe there's someone you don't like to act silly in front of?

For me it's the people I work with. Usually I am silly and like to be sarcastic or make jokes. I have to be comfortable around people to do this and I'm not comfortable around the people I work with really. I have a couple of friends who get to see 'the real me' but I am pretty quiet around most of the other people there.


I'm totally different around my parents. I never joke and hardly have a humor sense. They don't know my funny side and I don't feel comfortable joking around them because I'm sure they wouldn't understand my humor. I totally change when my boss is around. I'm very quite and serious when he's at the office and sometimes I don't feel like I'm being myself just for the sake of being formal.


No Custom Title Exists
The only people I change around is my girlfriend's parents, I have never been the guy who aims to please but I love my girlfriend and I want to impress her family as much as I can. I am the same around my parents, sisters, mates and even the school principal. The school principal, to many is very intimidating but for me, she's just another human being that deserves the cold serve I provide.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I act differently with different people. It's not so much that I'm not being myself. I've always believed I'm a person with multiple personalities (not to the point of mental illness level, haha) and sometimes I just bring forward a part of me to other people that I don't necessarily bring forward with other people. What I love are moments when my personalities can all play and the person with me totally gets me still. :madame:


aka ginger warlock
The main difference to being around my parents and not is that I don't tend to drink as much as they feel I drink far to much and also I don't swear nearly as much, aside from that my parents don't swear I just feel it is disrespectful.

Around people I either don't know that well or have not met before I tend to be quite quiet and reserved, once people to get to know me I tend to relax more and open up.


Registered Member
The only time I change anything is whenever I'm around my aunts, I tend not to swear or try not to swear around them. Other then that, I'm the same.


Where is my Queen?
I don't act differently around nobody unless I see an attractive girl at a bar and I go up and talk to her. I try to be a bad guy because that's what most girls want down here, and then she finds out that I am a nice guy and knocks me down the list. At work I am myself at all times. That is the reason why I somehow magically climbed up to managment.