Do you eat meat on Good Friday?


Sultan of Swat
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I was wondering if you ate meat on Good Friday? If no what do you eat usually to replace meet?

I never eat meat on Good Friday, I usually replace it by eatting salad, tilapia which is a type of fish and eggs. I am not a fan of tilapia, but I can still eat it, I usually put some BBQ sauch on there.

So how about you guys and gals?


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I treat it as any other day eating wise, except maybe a little more chocolate than usual. I didn't realise that people didn't eat meat just because it's Good Friday. Guess you learn something new every day.


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To me it's another day. I have never observed the no meat on Good Friday but then again I am not Christian or Catholic or any other religious belief that follows the Good Friday traditions so it's just another day to me.


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I'll be eating chicken. That counts as a meat right? I don't follow the religion that observes non meat eating, and so I've never felt any need to not eat meat on that day. However, I do respect those that don't eat meat, by not waving a slab of steak in front of their faces etc.


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Yup, I will eat/ate meat like a champ this year. I went out to dinner with my mom, she didn't so she just had some fish and other foods that weren't products of meat.



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I treat it like any other day and eat meat on Good Friday. I just try not to eat meat in front people that don't eat meat on Good Friday.