Do you eat fresh vegetables?

Do you eat salads and/or fresh vegetables on a regular basis?

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Do you eat fresh vegetables? A lot of people nowadays skip out on the fresh veggies and use canned and processed stuff instead.

Do you eat salads and/or fresh vegetables on a regular basis? I generally do. Sometimes I'll settle for spinach or green pepper pizza but generally I eat salads and the like fair frequently.


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Yes I do, they come straight from my garden. carrots, Snap peas, Bell peppers, Okra, Squash, Snow peas and what ever else I plant at the time. I also go to the farmers market to pick up other fresh veggies and fruit.


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I like salads and vegetables, but I don't eat it as often as I should. I eat a lot of fruit though.
The main reason is that they don't have a good selection in my grocery store. The vegestables are often half rotten or you can see insects and stuff. That doesn't make me want to buy some.


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I do yes, but not as much as I should.

In the summer I eat alot of salads so that's always a good oppurtunity to cram in the fresh veggies.

I also have roast dinners on sundays so that always involves fresh carrots and potatoes.
I'm so lazy with food I tend to eat meals without veg unless my mum is home to cook for me :rolleyes: But I will go grab carrots etc or some fruit throughout the day if I know I'm not going to eat anything particularly healthy with dinner.