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Do you eat a home cooked meal every night?


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When I'm living with my parents, yes I get a home cooked meal every night I come home from work, and I love it.

Knowing that I've got something nice and cooked by my mum to come home really makes me want to come home.

But when I live away from home for university then I will maybe have a home cooked meal 2 or 3 times a week, mostly because my cooking skills are limited and I'm tired at the end of the day.

As everyone will agree it's so much easier just to put something in the oven from frozen or take it out of a can.


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I usually cook at least 3 times a week, sometimes more, depending on circumstances,, if i dont cook a meal we either just wing it (toasties, jacket potato or such) or have take away or eat out:nod:
Sometimes its easier than you think to cook, last week i peeled and roughly chopped a couple of carrots, parsnip, sweet potato and put them in a roasting dish with a couple of large lamb steaks, Olive oil, black pepper and a bit of rosemary, shoved in oven and cooked. Its a matter of five mins to prepare the veg and thats it really:) If you are working full time i think its a good idea to have a slow cooker;)


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As everyone will agree it's so much easier just to put something in the oven from frozen or take it out of a can.
It is easier but then cooking does not have to be difficult. However cooking is best when its rewarding.

The more I think about it I cant really see why heating the oven up to put a ready made pizza in is any more difficult than boiling a pan of water to throw some veg in, or turning a grill on to put some meat under.


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I used to do the whole microwave thing a lot because I have workaholic parents and I'm really not interested in cooking whatsoever, but I haven't touched them in quite a while now.

My mum cooks between 2-3 meals a week for me and she's big on home-made cooking. The other 4-5 days of the week I still have to fend for myself and either heat something up that she has previously made or just improvise with whatever I can find in the fridge. Always simple stuff.


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I don't really l ike most prepackaged meals because I'm so picky about the quality of meats and things like that. I usually end up cooking something big, and then eating the leftovers of it for most of the week. I often make my lunch for work on Sundays and package them separately so that all I have to do is grab an individual sized container in the morning.

A lot of the times I'll do eggs and english muffins for dinner because it's easy and doesn't take long to make. Last night I made chicken and dumplings and I'll have leftovers from that for 2 days. I'm also planning on making some steak tonight that my father brought over for me the last time he visited. They are from his own Angus farm. I can't wait to try it.


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The last time I had a home cooked meal was when I was in Scotland, if that indicates anything.


We (my family) never cook for dinner. We either eat cereals or any slice of bread with cheese and butter.
We only cook for lunch.


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I like to cook my own meals. Recently its been difficult because I'm doing the show straight after work so I just grab a sandwich or sushi or something.

I love to cook though. I'm quite lucky because my boyfriend enjoys cooking too so if i'm at his I'm guaranteed something delicious :D


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I eat out a ridiculous amount in the run of a week. I can cook, really good actually, but I just find after working 6:30am till 4:30pm I don't feel like cooking.

However, I always cook a few good meals with fresh groceries.