Do you drink?


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If yes, how often? Do you go out and get drunk?


Yeah, I do drink, but I go and out get drunk maybe twice, maybe three times a month. Depends in what mood I am in.
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I used to drink every week, but now I only drink maybe once or twice per month, if that. When I do drink I usually push my limits and get trashed. More fun that way.
Yeah. I only really drink when I go out with my friends at the weekend. I don't go out every single weekend though due to a few things. I'd say I drink alcohol on about 1 day of the week, on average. and excessively about.. hmmm.. only like once a month or so.


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I'm not a fan of getting trashed, so if I drink Ill usually just have one or two.


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Well, I seem to go out maybe once a week now? Sometimes twice, but I would prefer to leave it to very special rare occasions, I'll have to work on that. I'm terrified of puking so I only drink til I know I'm tipsy enough to dance like a retard.
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I drink alot, I get drunk 2/3 times a week.

Either with mates when I go out or on my own at home or late in the office.

It's something I have to get under control before it's too late, I'm a self confessed alcoholic.


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Yeah, I drink.

I drink when I go out with my mates, usually every second weekend or something like that or when I got to birthday parties or a celebration for something.
Yeah, when I go out with my mates I usually tend to get drunk.