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Do you doodle?


Sally Twit
When you're on the phone or bored, do you always have a pen touching some paper, scribbling away to pass the time?
The only time I ever draw is when I'm on the phone at work. Sometimes I'll write my name a million different ways. Sometimes I'll draw stupid pictures. And other times I'll just scribble.
The girl I sit next to at work writes on paper with small squares on the page and she literally colours every other one in lol. I don't know how she has the patience.


yellow 4!
I've noticed that as I draw less (proper drawings, I mean), I doodle less too. I used to do it all the time, but now it's much less frequently.

The only time I really doodle is in lectures when I get bored of taking notes. I usually draw little random pictures instead of squiggles and patterns, though.


Well-Known Member
I always doodle when i'm on the phone because otherwise I pace back and forth. I don't know how people can just sit there talking. Also, used to doodle a lot when I was in class. I used to write my name different ways, draw weeds leaves (that got me in a heap of trouble once in history class), draw spirals and eyes for some reason, and other such bullshit.


I always doodle on work books when I am in class without a doubt. Some of my high school class books were 90% doodles 10% work.


I don't doodle when I'm on the phone, I prefer to pace. Haha. But I used to doodle ALL the time in school. I still do sometimes, but not that often.


Creeping On You
I remember when I was in grade 3, the teacher had to cover my desk in paper, because I'd run out of room on my notebook for doodling, and so I'd just write on the desk hahahah. I doodle a lot. If I have a pen in my hand, I draw silly little designs. Considering all the doodling I do, you'd think I'd be good at drawing lol.


Registered Member
Yes I admit, I am a doodle bug! But only when I am impatiently waiting on the phone for the nincompoop on the other end to get back to me.


still nobody's bitch
lol @ nincompoop.

I doodle when I'm bored in class. I have different colored pens to make it interesting, since I'm not very artistic