Do You Do Your Bit To Save The World?


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Everybody is talking about global warming and carbon footprints and some say that the end of the earth will be sooner rather than later.

Are you really that bothered or are you living your life without consideration for the future generations?

Do you feel you're doing your bit to cut your carbon footprint and help towards saving the planet?

I'm going to be honest, when it comes to saving energy/water I'm terrible, I must waste so much of each everyday. Infact it rarely crosses my mind about reducing my carbon footprint and helping reduce global warming. It just doesn't bother me, which is really selfish but I just can't help it.


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I do and I dont. With a little planning I could do a lot more.

I do recycle and stuff like that, it makes sense tpo.
I do waste a lot of electricity. TV is usually on in the background, I have two monitors on the computer even if Im only using one, everything is on stand-by when not being used. I leave lamps on all the time including the main lights.

If I had any sense I would plan to leave the house five minutes earlier instead of at the last minute so that I could drive at a more appropriate speed and conserve fuel. Its surprising what a reduction of 10mph can do.

Do I care?
Yes I do but the reality is we get used to lifes luxuries and habits, it takes a lot to change a way of thinking. The contrast of just the last 10-15 years is pretty impressive, what we do now compared to then is only a good thing, they are little steps in the direction. We are teaching old dogs new tricks but as the current young-uns progress to be the next generation a new way of thinking will have developed.
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Getting worried about global warming is a waste of time since it's gonna happen anyway and it also would have if humankind wasn't around.
But I do recycle and try to not to waste electricity and water. It's better for the environment and my wallet so that makes me feel good both ways. ;)
Sometimes I feel bad when I accelerate too much. I recycle, our council makes us. I think it's more of a good citizen thing than a help the globe thing. I dunno. I don't really care about what I do so much because it doesn't make a difference. My mum is big on it though so I think that makes up for it haha.

I mean, I do care what happens, but I don't think about it too much, probably because I don't have much say about what goes on in the household since I don't own my own home.
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I think the only thing I do is recycling as where I live the rubbush doesn't get collected and you get fined if it isn't sorted. I'm bad for wasting electricity and water, and i'm always running late so there isn't a chance of me driving slower to save fuel. I do care about global warming etc, but not enough to change my lifestyle.
I'm more worried that our parents are leaving us the mess to clean up, my children might have to solve the global warming problem when I'm gone. So I whenever I'm not busy in a room the lights, tv, radio and computer are all switched off. I've even noticed the little light stays on even if the tv/computer is off so I cut the power at the wall socket.


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I recycle but that's about it. I waste electric but I can't help it. I pay for it myself and I'd be pretty bored just sat there doing nothing constantly.

I do care and feel bad but not enough to stop doing what I'm doing.


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I try to help a bit, I'll recycle everything that needs to be recycled. I try not to throw out trash on the ground. If I can't find a garbage I'll just keep it in my hands or pockets till I do. I think sometimes I should do more, but I dont.


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I do what I can, but I'd like to do even more. I recycle whenever possible. I turn off lights and appliances that I'm not using. I never litter. It really bothers me when people don't care about the environment at all.