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Do You Consider Yourself Attractive?


blue 3
I do think I am attractive. I have no illusions of granduer, but I'm confident in my look.


Registered Member
I don't find myself attractive at all, but I wouldn't change a thing.


yellow 4!
To who? To myself, personally? Err, I dunno really... some days I'm fairly confident in how I look and some days I just think 'ugh.' I don't trust myself when deciding these things though, I'll let others decide for themselves.

Couldn't just go for a nice straight answer, could I? :shake::lol:


I like to think I'm a classy looking fellow.


New Member
actually i don't have an answer for that ,

sometimes i feel attractive ... some times no :(
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Ess Tii Eph Yu
I'm the single most attractive person here. I think you all need to strive to keep up with me. Don't hate though. Just appreciate.

Oh, why do I think this? I think therefor I am.


Registered Member
I'm very happy with my looks right now. I don't ever wear makeup or do anything special with my hair, I feel that I look fine without all that stuff.
But when I was younger and dyed my hair all sorts of colours and had all kinds of cuts and styles and wore more makeup than I ever needed to, I got a lot more male attention and even more friends...
That was a few years ago, and since then I grew out my hair and just try to be me.
I went to a party a while back and put on lots of make up and the whole night I was like "Uhhh people probably think I'm a freak!"

So I've decided that I'm all right, I'm happy with myself and that's what matters.


Registered Member
well people told me all my life I was ugly as hell basically, with some people disagreeing.
I personally like the way I look, but my self esteem is basically shot after years of ass holes heh.
but my boyfriend says I'm hot so at least I can trust one person XD