Do You Consider Yourself Attractive?


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We've recently had a few "Most attractive" threads which involves others opinions on fellow members.

But do you consider yourself attractive and why?

Yes I do think I'm fairly attractive but I'm not amazingly hot. Just sort of average which I'm happy with. I have a fairly decent amount of female attention and I've never had any real complaints or negative comments.


Sally Twit
No I don't. There's a lot of things I'd change about myself.
I've found someone that loves me for who I am and who compliments me every single day which is great though.


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English-Emo-Boy said:
Do you consider yourself attractive and why?
No, I don't think I'm attractive at all.

Why? Because I'm not attractive at all. Simple.

Whilst I'm not overly happy with this, it's something I accepted a long time ago, so it's not really a big deal.
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Boom Boom Pow!
I find myself attractive to an extent (Don't want to sounds big headed :-/) but you gotta have some confidence. there are things i would change about myself. but i cant so i just have to accept it
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I am alright I guess, I am attractive but not hot to the max. I am happy with it but then again, looks ain't everything.


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yeah I think I'm attractive. I may not be the most physically tantalizing but I know that my heir of confidence had never failed me in the past. From what I've heard from multiple females (yes that includes my mom :hah:) a mediocre guy with confidence is sexier than a rock hard body model with low self esteem.