Do you consider extremist stupid?

Are extremist stupid?

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(This is probably the best place to post this...?)

When you hear about friends, family or just random people discussing wanting to do an extreme sport, do you consider them stupid? Let's say a friend wants to go skydiving, does a thought go through in your mind about it being crazy and stupid to jump out of a perfectly good plane? Not only that, but the possibility of dying along the way... well, not along the way, once you go splat. >.<;

Not only skydiving, but snowboarding, skating, roller blading and others.

I'll be posting the following options in a poll:

- Yes - Yes, you consider SOME/ALL people who want to participate in a extreme sports stupid.
- No - No, not stupid.
- Don't care - You don't care because you don't really give it much thought.
- Depends on the sport -

I'm interested in hearing if you think it's stupid jumping out of a plane when there's no need to do so (or any other extreme sport), that you don't really give it much thought or your own reasons.

My answer is No. I've always been fascinated with extreme sports whether it be skydiving, blading, hang gliding or what not. When I hear or watch other people do it, it just excites me to want to try it. Even though the danger is higher than other sports, I don't know if it's the adrenaline rush or what. It's just very appealing.


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Not only skydiving, but snowboarding, skating, roller blading and others.
I've done all them and for the record roller blading isn't an extreme sport ^_^. Well yea my answer is no my first thought is either; you lucky bastard, hmm I haven't done that for a while, I rememebr doing that or I wonder if I can go? Unless of course the sport is something completly ridiculous and dangerous that can't even be classifed as sport rather just a stupid idea..


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Some sports considered "extreme" (which is one of the most vomit-inducing words in the English language) are pretty dumb and pointless while others seem perfectly fine (such as snowboarding).


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I don't see any of the sports as stupid. As long as they take all of the safety precautions they can I don't see any sport as being stupid. Even the nuts who jump out of airplanes for fun.


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nah, mostly just attention hogs. They couldnt cut it doing other sports so instead they do something generally life threatening that other people wouldnt even dream about. Then when you see it on TV they suddenly have this almost invincibility about them that makes them have a superhuman feel. To each is own IMO.


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In most cases its excusable to try some extreme stunt for the benefit of yourself, that whole just to try it or say you did type of thing. I completely understand there is a certain personal rush that comes from exhibitionism (not the perverted version). When I was alot younger I spent the better part of my free time building dirt/clay jumps for BMX. And I know its one thing to clear a gap when no one is watching....and its a completely different rush when you have a crowd. Its a wonderfully addicting feeling and I can only imagine how much much more its intensified when you're being broadcasted across the nation/world. That alone would drive me to take things to the insanely extreme. The feeling of everyone watching is a super strong push, and some people can get real addicted to it. Thus attention hogs. Nothing wrong with it, without people like them we wouldnt havent much to talk about right ;)