Do you consider being stubborn a good thing or a bad thing?


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This isn't a thread to see if your stubborn or not...I just would like to know if you consider stubborness a bad flaw or a good one?? I know my girlfriend is stubborn due to her family letting her get away with everything, but i'll comment later.


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Surely that completely depends,

I can be stubborn (not often) but I tend to refer to it more as assertivenes :lol:

I think its a negative trait when it's mixed with other negative qualities (selfishness, ignorance, arrogance etc), however when it is just used as a way to put your foot down and take control of whats going on every so often then no I think it shows strength of character :)

In general? No, not really. I see it as a negative trait. For me personally though, it's sometimes good when I'm stubborn. I'm pretty relaxed and will go with anything 19 times out of 20, but when I'm stubborn, it's for good reason. The last time I stood my ground against what everyone said, it was the best decision I ever made. Family members told me I was being uncharacteristically stubborn and I should listen to them, but I didn't, and it paid off. I felt really strongly about that. Obviously it's only one instance but the point still stands.

So yeah, sometimes it's positive. Unless I'm just playing around. But I don't count that as being stubborn, only in a stoopid way. I'm not like that really.

Going back to talking about it in general, I don't think it's healthy when people won't budge on their decisions or even listen to anyone else. I'd guess that it turns out badly more often than good.


Can't say it's always negative or positive.
It depends on what you're stubborn about.

Kib said:
I think its a negative trait when it's mixed with other negative qualities (selfishness, ignorance, arrogance etc)
But I totally agree with this.
My stubborn side helps with my job. Being in sales means not taking "no" for an answer.
In my personal life, I'd say it's a flaw. It keeps me from accepting help from others even when I need it.


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No, In my opinion Stubbornness is outweighed by the things you'll miss out on by just always getting your way.

I'm not a fan of talking to stubborn people due to their closemindedness and inability to see things from a different point of view.


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Being stubborn is necessarily a bad thing. If you're being "reasonably stubborn," or assertive, then no one can properly or truthfully identify you as "stubborn," since the word stubborn is generally held to mean "unreasonably obstinate." Therefore, if you can be properly described as being stubborn, then it means you are being unreasonable; thus, it's a bad thing.


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It depends on the situation imo, sometimes like when doing something constructive or trying to make someone buy a product. Sometimes it's not a good thing and can get you into some major shit.


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It def depends. Like if someone says I should jump off a cliff I'll get real stubborn and closeminded about that! And I dont care how cool they think it is! But yeah, if I can learn something by not being stubborn, I'm def onto that! But that depends too cause sometimes ya gotta be stubborn with people that are being stubborn, LOL!


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hmmm, Considering it's a part of my personality, I'd say being stubborn has both positive and negitive sides; some people may think I'm being "inflexible" whereas other people may think I'm just standing strong by my views / opinions.
...But on a whole, I don't think being stubborn is such a bad thing as long as you're not being selfish and that I am not. ;)