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Do you chew gum? (De-Ja-Vu..)


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Staff member
Ok so I may have accidentally deleted the original gum chewing post..

So here is a new one. I have set a precaution in place now to prevent accidentally deleting things in the future. Luckily there were only four replies..

So, my favorite gum lately is Dentyne ice Peppermint. I figure the $1 for 12 pieces lasts me about a week or so which isn't bad at all.

I'm a sucker when I am in the checkout isle at the grocery store. :)


what? no pink?
lol okeys.....

well mine hasn't changed since the last time I replied. :D

it's still orbit citrus


Sssssuper Platinum ******
So you forgot to set up a trash can eh? :lol:

Well, anyways I love and chew Big Red.