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Do you cheer?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
When you go see one of your favorite teams play live? Or are you one of those people that just sits there, enjoys the game but doesn't show any emotions?

I personally am not a person that just sits there. I cheer for my team when they do something good, and I yell if there's a bad play or a bad call. I'm not one of those obnoxious yellers though, unless someone close to me was being one towards me or my friends, then I'll give it right back.

How about you guys?


Registered Member
Yes I cheer. I am very vocal, in fact, I have a very loud mouth, people know when I'm present :)


still nobody's bitch
I'm a complete fool at hockey games. I shout, cheer, whistle, throw my hands up in the air, everything. My dream is to have a front row seat some day so I can bang on the glass if there's a fight in front of me.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I cheer but I'm not obnoxious about it. Most of the time I just clap, but I'll cheer or yell and jump out of my seat when something big happens. I don't like the people that go just to sit there and talk or play with their cell phone and never pay attention to the game or show any emotion. Why even go?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I definitely cheer, yell, boo, clap along to chants/music, etc. I definitely cheer along...that's part of the fun of going to a live sporting event, I'm mellow in general but part of the fun is yelling along, standing up and high-fiving for something awesome, etc.

One thing that bugs me is the constant cheerer who thinks that the players can hear him...at a Cardinals game I went to recently there was a redneck who kept yelling these swinging tips every time a player would get a strike. It wasn't constant, but it's kind of annoying when it's every at-bat in baseball.
I don't like the people that go just to sit there and talk or play with their cell phone and never pay attention to the game or show any emotion. Why even go?
That pisses me off so much, lol. Especially people who get great seats right up front, and all that they care about is calling people to see them on TV...they hardly cheer or get into the perfect view, it's insane.
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Better Call Saul
Staff member
I can sometimes let my emotions get the best of me but it does depend on the circumstance. When I'm at home it's whatever that comes to mind but when I'm at a game live I do cheer and all that. I try not to go overboard with it but I will not sit there and say or do nothing at all.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Like Unity and Echoes, I hate when I watch the game on television and there's people that have tremendous seats and are not paying attention to the game.

My emotions definitely get the best out of me at home, I yell, I some time throw my hat, I swear, ect. I some time swear when I watch the game live, but I try to control myself since they're kids around.


No Custom Title Exists
I wouldn't go to a football game if I wasn't going to cheer and just sit there and watch the game. Mind you, you don't want to be sitting next to me when I am watching the football, I am loud, I am abusive towards the umpires. I love my sports.


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I've only been to one live sports match, and that was rugby between Australia and NZ. Damn straight I cheered. There's something about the atmosphere at sports events that kinda just make you *shrugs*


Supreme System Lord
I'm definitely an emotional fan, I cheer, celebrate, swear and make my opinion heard from the terraces, even when I'm watching the football from a pub or bar, I'm equally demonstrative!!