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Do you celebrate your Birthday?


Living in Ikoria
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I like doing something on my Birthday...I feel corny getting it together myself, but as I've gotten older that seems to be how it goes. Friends just ask what sounds good and you go from there.

One thing I like about going out and celebrating is seeing your friends come together and have a good time together...it made me feel good back in December to see a lot of old friends enjoying themselves because of my Birthday.

Millz and I did a joint Birthday bash this year, haha. It was cool.

So overall, I don't really do big parties but I'll go to dinner with family and party with a small group of friends usually.


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I pretty much gave up on birthdays and holidays...my boyfriend and family usually don't remember, and nobody gets me anything, so it just saves on disappointment.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I do! I love my birthday. :madame:

I used to celebrate it for several days before, with different group of friends that I can't put together in one room. Now, it's more limited (time and resources) so I tend to just invite a few close friends who could mingle for dinner. This year though, I plan to party for realz. 11.11.11!


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I admit to quite enjoying all the extra attention I get on my birthday but it's not a situation where I make sure everyone knows it's my birthday. Not like I have too...facebook tells everyone and at work everyone in the sales department receives an email about it because I'll have birthday bagels or donuts at my desk that management provides.

I don't do that much for it either. This year I did more then I usually do haha. Although a couple years ago I did get extremely drunk while bowling with some friends...it was fun.


This year I will be celebrating the big 50


Creeping On You
I used to keep quiet about it when I was younger. I didn't have many friends, and so nothing was celebrated much beyond my mom making a cake and such. However, now that I'm older, I love my birthday. I try to go all out every year.


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I was celebrating a lot every birthday when I was teenager, but now I only go to some dinner with my best friends or we just go in some disco, we have fun and that's all. Nothing special.


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My family and close friends obviously know when my birthday is. My family usually takes me out for a nice dinner. And sometimes some of my friends take me out to dinner or a few drinks or something.

I definitely don't go out of my way to make sure everyone knows my birthday. I appreciate hearing "Happy Birthday", but I just don't like drawing attention to myself. I haven't done anything to deserve it. Seems like birthday celebrations should be more for the parents.


Where is my Queen?
I always celebrate my birthday and I get wasted on all my b-days. I usually don't celebrate my b-day on the actual day because I am usually working, but this year I am planning to take a week off and travel.