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Do you celebrate your Birthday?


Sally Twit
Do you keep quiet when it's your Birthday so that nobody makes a fuss, or do you get excited and love to have a party and celebrate?

Personally, the people I am closest to know when it's my Birthday. I don't usually have a party unless it's a special Birthday like 18 or 21.. But I like to go out for a meal and maybe a couple of drinks. Usually my family will mention when my Birthday is coming up before I do.

The idea for this thread came about because someone in my team at work asked my Manager when his Birthday is and he refused to tell her. He said he doesn't want anyone to buy him anything as he doesn't like the fuss.


People close to me know my birthday.
I always celebrate it and I don't understand people who don't like to celebrate it. lol.

I don't mind it whether people buy me things or not. I just want them to be there for me and celebrate together.


Haters gonna hate.
I have been every year, but I am only 19... don't know if that means anything in the long run... but I will be celebrating at least until I am 21. Maybe 22. Hard to tell.


I don't do birthday parties anymore. Me, my family & close friends go camping the weekend of my birthday. We hangout, play drunk wiffleball and go hiking. It's a blast. Unfortunately, with people moving away & such, we weren't able to do it last year.


Well-Known Member
I really dont do anything special for my birthday. My younger brothers birthday is a day before mines and my older brother would invite us both over for dinner or take us out to a bar and celebrate. My mom always has a hard time remember me and my younger brothers birthday. Every single year she asks me is your birthday on the 9th or 10th. I gave her a method to remember but doesn't seem to help. My one friend always treat me to lunch for my birthday.


yellow 4!
Everyone (family/friends) will know it's my birthday but I don't like a fuss. I had a joint party for my 18th and when I was younger I'd always do something a bit different with my close friends, but these days I don't really like to do much. My friend always complains about how I never do anything for it.

It's mandatory to have an extended family gathering though, haha. My mum makes sure of that.


aka ginger warlock
I personally am past caring. I went back to visit my parents last year whilst it was my birthday and we went out for a meal then met a friend for a few pints but otherwise I don't make a big deal, I don't think many of my friends where I live know my birthday.


still nobody's bitch
I always do something for my birthday, even if it's just with my twin sister. I don't try to keep it quiet, either - I have my birthday listed here and on fb, so people always know when it is. I don't really advertise it or make a huge deal about it, but it is nice to hear happy birthday.


There is nothing I hate more than being the centre of attention in a real life situation. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I just really hate it. Because of this I never have parties or anything, I usually just do something very small and quiet. For example last birthday (my 20th) I just went to the city with one of my very close friends We went out for lunch and to a few art exhibitions I had been wanting to see. It was great that way, no fuss and just like a normal day to the city.


Eye see what you did ther
There is nothing I hate more than being the centre of attention in a real life situation. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I just really hate it.
You have to be my sister from another mother. I hate celebrating too. I usually go out by myself to eat, or with my family.