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Do you celebrate your birthday?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
So do you celebrate your birthday with friends, family or it's just another regular day for you?

I celebrate my birthday every year, in recent years I just went out and got drunk with friends, and such. Sometimes I have to do some silly stuff or wear something silly, which is always fun.

I also celebrate my birthday with my grandparents, they come over for a BBQ and such.

No I don't celebrate with my friends and grandparents at the same time. :lol:


Son of Liberty
I'm not real into my birthdays anymore. My last real big birthday party was probably when I turned 18.

I'm just not a huge partyer to be honest. Even for my 21'st I ended up just staying home, didnt have the money or the interest to go out bar hopping.

Anymore my birthdays are just my girlfriend and I going out to a nice dinner. Thats how I prefer it. Birthday parties are usually uncomfortable for me anyway, I dont like being the center of forced attention if that makes sense. Pretty much I dont have a problem being the center of attention... but when people are really only paying attention to you 'cause its your birthday.. meh I dont like that feeling.

Like I said, I'm perfectly content with just the two of us going out, nothing more.


yellow 4!
I don't like my birthday :hmm: Even with my family coming over, it's weird, but like Ice said, don't like the 'forced attention.' So yeah I always have family round during the day, and then I'll see friends another time. Last year was the first year I was old enough to go out out, and I had a joint birthday party with 2 other friends.


Registered Member
I do and I hate it :)

I have social phobia, so it sucks big time. I say about two words on the whole evening: 'Thank you.', that's about it. Rest of the time I just sit there watching the clock. Take my time to eat my pie, get something to drink in the kitchen, etc. I usually go to my room after about an hour cause I can't take it anymore.

Nope, birthdays suck for me :shake:


Even though it's "my day" my family insist on having a small get together to celebrate. I would prefer to have the day to be by myself and relax, though.


Well-Known Member
I've never really enjoyed my birthday, and never really organise to do anything for it, but either family or friends organise something. For my 18th a group of friends organized a surprise party for me and another friend who shared the same birthday. That was my best birthday where i've been forced to do something, because I got to hide behind someone else and push her to the centre of attention.

I'm looking forward to this year's birthday because it'll be a day doing what I want with no interruptions (i'll be in England, so far away from any friends), and it'll also be the first birthday i've spent with my Mum since I was four!


Hell, It's about time!
Not anymore.

I found as I got older I really don't care as much. I just want to be left alone, or go to the range etc...

B-day's used to mean a lot to me, but the older you get, the less you care.


Registered Member
Nothing happens, really. I might hang out with my friends, but that's about it.


Registered Member
For my 17th birthday party I invited every single person i knew, even those I barely knew. Bought a ton of alcohol and set up an entire dance floor, then I wrote a note and stuck it to my front door: "parties out back, I'll be back soon ok?"

I ended up packing my swag, my dog and my girlfriend into my ute and going camping for the night.

My mates never even noticed.

I hate parties and being the centre of attention I just get nervous because I would rather prefer making other people feel good then bloating my own ego.