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Do you care what people think of your country?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I think 95% of the people that post here are American; my question to you, with all that is going on with Trump, ect. do you care what other countries think of the U.S right now? Or, it's not something that really matters to you?

I think we can almost all agree that most of the other countries in the world do not see the U.S in a positive way right now.


Registered Member
I am embarrassed for my country. Our leader tweets policy, only the policy is that of a clique-tainted teen ager with no self-control. He thinks nuclear war is a game.

We are the laughing stock of the world right now. It bothers me.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I care up to a point but if we have to pay them, kiss up to them, put them first to care about us then F them.


My country is a pile of dog shit. People can think and say whatever they want about it. I could not care less.


I ♥ Haters
Not really.

Canada has a lot of flaws and we have done some pretty shitty things in the past - Jewish deportations, Komagata Maru, Japanese Internment and labour camps, The Somalian Affair, cultural genocide via forced schooling of Aboriginal children. The only reason we fly under the radar is because the US just seems (and probably is) worse in comparison. I'm not a blind patriot with a flagpole up my ass so I can comfortably say we deserve the shit we get sometimes.

On the flip side, I also realize that there are worse places to live. I could have just as easily been born south of the border. And yeah, no thanks. I'll take what I can get.


Registered Member
I absolutely care what others think of my country. Donald Trump is ruining our reputation that we have cultivated over many years so who knows what others are thinking now. We know that Kim Joung hates him.


Registered Member
I don't care what other countries think of my country unless is endangers our country. It's funny that people are bashing Trump and saying that he thinks nuclear war is a joke when he is the first one to pretty much tell North Korea to kiss his butt. I am proud to be in a country that is finally starting to stand up to the bully that is making others bow down. We shouldn't have to kiss up to someone like that and even though I didn't vote for Trump I am proudly standing behind him for that.