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Do you buy the game every year?


New Member
I've bought the WWE game every year in the hope it improves, this is the final year i'll be doing so unless 2K have really improved it. Other 'franchise' game I only buy every 3-4 years as all that really changes is the rosters :lol:


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Back in the day I used to buy it every year, but now it's more 2-3 years. I didn't buy NHL '14, but I heard amazing things about the new NHL game this year so I'll probably end up buying it this year.


The return shall be legenday!
Not so much since I started my little family, but I did buy the Call of Duty franchise every time it came out in November. With a little more time on my hands these days..I might get that tradition started again. I just don't want to invest too much money in games because I still own a PS3.
Like Baz, I pretty much owned most of the WWE franchise video game up until WWE '13. Since I'm stuck with the previous console generation (still rockin my Wii and my PS2, old school!!!), I pretty much play with my buddies once every Saturday night. We once did a retro night in which we tried to play every WWE video game we had in our possession for an entire night. We were at the first Smackdown vs RAW game when we stopped playing at 2 AM! :p


I buy Madden and NHl every 2-3 years, sometimes longer and COD every year, although that may change this year. Not sure.


Registered Member
I think my brother buys NHL every year. I don't play video games very much anymore, but when I did I'd usually buy the game every 3-5 years. For example, I have NHLPA 93 for Genesis, NHL 99 for N64 and NHL 2004 for Game Cube. Same thing with Madden, I had Joe Montana Football for Genesis (1994), NFL 2000 for N64 and Madden 2005 for Game Cube, although I also purchased Madden 2007 for PS2.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
For WWE and MLB (especially now that I have a PS4 and access to The Show), I buy every year. I'm a little more sporadic with the rest. I skipped NHL this year because of some missing features that I hope will return this Fall.