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Do you buy online to save a few bucks?


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Who here buys stuff online? Probably everybody has bought at least something, but what I'm wondering is who buys online to save just a few bucks.

The trade off is the shipping time. How much do you need to save to make it worth buying online and waiting the extra time for shipping?

Personally I'd go the online route just to save $15 or more. Otherwise I find it easier just to go to the store.


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I go online if it's something hard to find, or a shirt that I want.


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Well, if you are going to get "Promo Code" for online buying, then you can really save a lot when you buy online. I always search for Promo codes and then order. Many times i haven't even paid for shipping.


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I buy online a lot and sometimes it is to save a few bucks and a lot of times it is for lack of option. I live in a small community where we can get all of the essentials but not some of the goodies. For example, there are no stores here that sell materials for paper crafting (card making and scrapbooking) which is a passion of mine).

If I want to shop for these supplies the closest city in which I can do so is a two hour drive away.

And I got a steal of a deal on some Sizzix dies online the other day (for scrapbooking) and now that I am posting here I am going to figure out just how good a deal I got.

Cost to get the items I ordered if I got them at Michaels: $462.00 (Canadian dollars plus taxes) _ cost of getting to city and back is $100
Price I paid at an online store clearing out the items I ordered $171.00 (USD including shipping and customs fees)

Wow...I had never done the math on this until now but boy am I glad I placed this order!


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yah really, it has a big difference the price on the internet,, online shopping is much in our technolgy, it less your time and effort to go to shopping mall, than ordering on the internet,, and some online shopping has a free shipping,, so,, for me i prefered buying things from the internet,, and deliver it to my house..


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
It all depends on how bad I want the item..
I mean if I want it now, then I will go to the store and get it.

But if I can wait a few then yeah I will take the cheaper online price.
As long as the price and the shipping don't cost more than retail.

I have been getting killer deals on ebay lately :D


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I buy online all the time. Most of the things are not necessities, like food or shampoo, but luxuries, like toys for the baby.
I buy online from USA ( I live in Singapore ). I usually buy from bidz, from computer companies and from gemstone jewellery sites. I find buying from USA hassle free and most of the products are very buys. The same things cost a arm and a leg in Singapore. I bought some herbal products but am not sure if I can rely on their quality. So now I keep to things I wear and not swallow.


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I shop online and go to the stores depending on the situation. I only shop online if I feel that a product is so much cheaper online. Also, when I have a specific product in mind, then I'll do it online. If I'm not what I'm getting such as a gift fo rsomeone, I usually go to the stores and see what are my options. If I need something in a hurry, I usually go to the B&M. The benefit of the store is you to get to see what you getting before buying it and the benefit for shopping online is the cost. there's been tiems I ordered something online and it turn out it wasn't what I order. Online shopping is a big hassle but it's available 24/7 at your convience. So it really depends on the situation for me.