Do You Buy Gaming Magazines?


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I used to buy them all the time until they started going up in price at the speed of light. Maybe it's just me, but I have a hard time laying down almost $10 for a mag that has far less pages of actual gaming content and too much advertising. It never used to be that way.


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I subscribed to Nintendo Power for a year a while back only to get the free Zelda Collector's Disk giveaway, and I got EGM for a couple years. I found that you could find most of the same information over the internet for free and much faster and easier. Plus the reviews are pretty biased, especially in the case of Nintendo Power and similar magazines. I think gaming magazines were useful before the internet since they had codes and stuff you couldn't really find anywhere else, but now I just don't see the point.


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I'm in the same boat as BigBob, I don't even read the Game Informer that I get. Sometimes I read a relevant review or something but the gaming magazines really lost any chance of being relevant when that funny thing called the internet went mainstream.


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I get this magazine called GamePro sent to my house every month. I literally have no idea why, it must've been with something else I bought or something because I didn't sign up for it. I look at it nonetheless.