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Do you buy expensive items?


aka ginger warlock
The most expensive item I own is a toss up between my digital camera and my tv. I rarely buy expensive items and when I take my camera out I am always worried and always checking that I still have it.

I have never been one to buy expensive things, I don't buy expensive clothes and I have never owned a watch that is over the price of fifteen pounds. For one thing I cannot afford watches that cost a lot of money and another labels and clothing is not something that has never been anything that has appealed to me. I do know people who buy watches that are expensive, a friend of mine once bought a pair of sunglasses that cost one hundred and twenty pounds, when I said that was insane he said "yeah, but they are this brand", I said they are just sun glasses at the end of the day but he disagreed.

Do you tend to buy label items? Does it please you to own a watch that costs a lot of money that people will say "woah, is that a real...?" etc or does it not bother you and see it as pointless?


Well-Known Member
The most expensive thing I own is my laptop. I bought it for $1000 in November 2010. Other than that I've never really bought anything all that expensive (unless you count college). The most expensive thing I've bought since then was a video card for $250. I'm not all that big of a spender. Most of what I buy is music, books, and food.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I usually don't buy expensive items but when I do its been a house, 4x4 tractor with air conditioned cab or a new truck. Which I have also bought computers, horses or a tv, something along those lines but I don't do this often.


Registered Member
The last expensive thing I bought was Samsung Galaxy Note. Amazing phone. I just love watching movies, listen to music, browse internet on it.


Registered Member
Not counting the house or cars or standard electronics in the house, I am always very tempted to buy expensive sunglasses. At one time in my life I would. I also use to spend quite a bit of money on cosmetics and purses. I have a very nice tennis racquet that I was able to afford at the time. We had an expensive dog. I currently have a watch that I searched and searched for to get on my 50th. I couldn't justify the cost of a new one, so I bought it 2nd hand from ebay. It was still expensive though!


Son of Liberty
Not counting items like TV's, my house, my truck, thing like that, I do at times. I've paid up to $1200 for a suit and paid about $700 for a watch once.


I rarely buy expensive items unless it is something I really really want then I will splurge and buy it for myself.


Gaming consoles and computer parts are probably the most expensive things I buy. Sometimes I buy very expensive art supplies as well or tickets to concerts/theatre/special events etc which can sometimes be pretty expensive. I sometimes buy expensive clothes but I don't do it often. Oh and whenever I get a new handbag it's usually about $300 or more.


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