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Do you burn easily?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I was in the sun all day yesterday and now I look like a red lobster. But, in a few days it will turn into a nice tan(I don’t wear sunscreen). Are you someone that burns easily when you’re in the sun for a long period of time?


Registered Member
I am very fare skinned so burn very easily. It is not a huge problem for me as such, I just stay out of the sun and wear long sleeve items. I do remember a few years ago I had been sat out in the sun for a few hours, it was warm (maybe 17 degrees) and I had no hat on. A few hours later I could barely stand up and felt like I wanted to vomit so went to lie down for a few hours in a dark room. I am unsure if this was sun stroke as such but it was not nice.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I burn very easy, all it would take is an hour in the sun for me to get a sunburn, after a couple of hours I would be cooked. So I avoid too much sun.


I burn very easily if I don't use sun-protection. My skin has become so sensitive the recent years and that I get pimples on my body because of sun-rays when I tan unprotected.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I have red hair (well a red beard left haha) and with that always comes pale skin. I have two shades pretty much - pale and burnt. I have to be very careful if I have a day out at a beach, at the pool, or on a float trip I'm going to be very diligent with using sunscreen every couple of hours. Apparently with one of my anti-rejection medications for the kidney transplant I had, my chances of skin cancer are up significantly higher. So I'm not going to play around.


I only need to think about the sun and I burn. It's especially perilous living in Australia where I think we have the second highest UV rating and second highest rate of skin cancer in the world.


Registered Member
I used to burn easily but it's been less frequent in recent years. I try to not forget putting sunscreen but more often than not, I don't put some.