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Do you believe in witch doctors?


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I think the word witch would scare me enough to try that one. Once I had studied with Jehovah Witness and this witch doctor said to a JW I can put a voodoo curse on anyone. Not me said the JW. They both made a challenge. The JW said If you can put the voodoo curese on me then I will believe you are true. If you can't do this curse on me then you will admit that jehovah is God. And will join with us in the Kingdom Hall. The article said the voodoo curse can't hurt him. And the JW had smiles on their faces saying the voodoo man could not curse him and that Jehovah was God.

For those that don't know the name of Jehovah the Jehovah is one of God's names that represents the Father. Since they believe that the Father has more power then Jesus the son then they pray to the Father. They do believe in the 2nd return of Christ but under the authority of Jehovah the Father. I don't think they believe in the Trinity because they think they are separate. How can they believe these things? They tell you that Jesus died on a stake and not a cross. That you give their own bible the New world translation and take out words like crucification.
If you want to know more about JW then go to their site or pedia. I'm glad I don't study with them anymore they are a false religion.

Sorry CM that I got off topic you know how I am. Please anyone after me answer the questions about the witch doctors and not JW.


Just like Rod Stewart would you ever go to a witch doctor? Does it make you think of voodoo?
what is your opinion of this? Was he really cured by a witch doctor or do you think this was just something psychological ?

Rod Stewart used witch doctor to cure food poisoning before Rio gig
Some ritualistic "medicine" practices involve herbs with actual medicinal properties. If you want a more scientific approach you can go with a herbologist. Goodness knows what might be in the "witches brew" you get when you go to someone whose "qualifications" are of an occult nature. Eyes of newt or ginger tea? lol


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If it works, then it works. The placebo effect is real - if you BELIEVE it will work, it can.


Free Spirit
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No I don't believe in witch doctors nor would I use one. I'd rather take my chances with a MD.


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No witch doctor for me either, thank you :)