Do You Believe in Life after Love

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Yes, but the period of healing can be long and painful. I had several relationships during the first 40 years of my life and it wasn't until I was nearly 50 that I got married to my current spouse. This is the relationship for which each of us had long searched and all of our other relationships gave us the understanding and the perspective to recognize each other.

It's not any easy process, but learning to deal with the pain and disappointment is a valuable skill--you don't die from a lost love, it just feels like you will.
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Losing love is a part of life. You can fall in and out easier than you'd think.

Stop listening to Cher. Its bad for you.


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I am just healing and it's not the best expierence, trust me. I just got dumped by a girl who I really loved, I was going after her for 6 months, I finally get her, a week we go out, she dumps me. Cause she doesn't want a boyfriend, in my opinion its "Hey dickhead, I don't like you anymore." But I ain't really ready to let her go yet, I am trying to make her love me again, by flirting and being nice and all that.