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Question Do you believe in fate?


Registered Member
I have always believed in fate, I think that subconsciously we are able to make things happen without realising that it is the right thing for us. But also, things can just work out for the best, life isn't always doom and gloom.

I was talking to someone at work today about things happen for a reason. For instance she was saying she had not gone to interviews recently for various reasons, and now she has just got a job that is perfect for her. It was the only one out of a few she had been able to get the courage to go to, so it was meant to be.

So, do you believe in fate?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Not really, I think people make their own fate by being in the right place at the right time or in the wrong place at the wrong time. However you want to look at it.


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I agree with Penny, I don't think fate has anything to much of anything. We choose or not choose things that happen to us.


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Our fate is our own. That's the way I believe.

I believe that we have free will and our fate is going to be the direct result of our actions.

Some people believe we don't have free will. I have no idea why. Look to your left real quick. Did you do it? You just faced a choice of free will right there and you either made the decision to look left or to not look left.

The idea that fate is already preset for us is a myth.


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I do agree that our fate is our own, nothing can be pre-set, but I think a lot of what happens to us occurs on a subconscious level. Maybe fate was the wrong word to use, unless the force in question is ourselves. I think in a way anything that happens to us is 'meant to be' as it is what we make happen. Using the job example, no matter how much you may think you want it, if it doesn't feel right then you are not going to do your best whether you realise it or not. So you could end up sabotaging yourself. But, if it does feel right, then you are going to do the best you can. The spiritual person in me wants to think that everything happens for a reason, but possibly not the realist (which is probably more of me). Sorry if I am not making sense, bit tired.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I've done a lot of thinking about this subject in recent months.

I believe in fate, that everything that happens in the universe is predetermined. Our lives are like a train just following the tracks. We are powerless to change our course.

Yes, we make choices, but does that mean we have free will? Or will we make the same choice every time if we are put in the same exact situation? I believe it's the latter. We will always choose what we believe to be the most desirable outcome.

So if our choices are based on desire, what are our desires determined by? What we desire is determined by who we are - our DNA and everything we've learned and experienced up to that point in our lives. Or in other words, our past. The past determines the future. Cause and effect.


Creeping On You
I've always hated the idea of fate. Media, education, other people, etc etc, they've all conspired to make people think that they're the sum of their experiences and certain triggers in life have the same effects on everybody's lives. Fate is bullshit. No one can determine how someone will turn out based on things that have happened in their lives. Everyone controls their own future.


It's not me, it's you.
Not really, no. I think life is made up of random events and there is no order to anything that happens or doesn't happen. Nothing makes sense, it's all chaos. I don't believe in karma, either. I think it's a nice idea, but I don't think it's true.


Registered Member
Nah. I feel like we all make our own luck and our own decisions (For the most part with the options we have, kinda... *Psychology of decisions rant*).

We all have the ability to do anything we would like to, and the ability to not do what we don't want to do. It's more of a mindset and determination sort of thing, what we let ourselves think we can do, and most importantly our mental realities.

We all have these realities built up in our heads that set up the guidelines of what we feel like we can and can't do and a number of other things, and it is much easier to build up a whole wall of 'I can't' compared to 'I can'. Getting rid of the 'I can't' and replacing it with 'I can' ends up being stressful and difficult, a mental hurdle.


What you do will probably end up rewarding or harming you in the future simply because of what that has done to your image to others and relations to them, etc. as well. Oddly enough, I guess that is how I personally define 'karma'.