Do you believe in Eastern medicine?


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Do you believe in treatment using herbs (not marijuana) and acupuncture?

I was actually surprised at how many people don't buy this stuff. I've personally gone through both of these treatments and they've all worked out well for me. My mom, unless it was a vaccine or something, always went to the local Chinese herb shop to cure most illnesses. I used to have some problems with my intestines not being able to absorb nutrients efficiently, and the lady made me a herb mixture which my mom had to sit and brew for hours. Lo and behold, I started gaining noticeable weight and had healthier looking appearance several weeks later. They have condensed powders that are pre-made for runny noses, coughs, headaches, etc. etc. Maybe this is why I've only taken Aspirin or Tylenol maybe 20 times throughout my life and most of the time was when I just got braces.

I'm not really sure how acupuncture works. I think it hits specific nerves that trigger your body to produce painkillers or healing chemicals. Several years ago, I twisted my wrist and it had this constant tingling. The doctor put a couple needles at certain points on my wrist and the feeling slowly went away.

My mom used to have extreme headaches and the lady got some needles and literally stuck them into my mom's head. I can't remember how long this treatment lasted, but my mom doesn't suffer from these headaches anymore.

There's this point in the ear that controls hunger, too. I've seen patients have acupuncture done on that point and everytime they were hungry, they'd just stimulate that point and the feeling would go away. It's better than starving yourself.

I guess some people only believe that chemical and antibiotics can cure disease. It might be a cultural barrier issues. My mom is uber-traditional, and some things she does are just silly, but there are a few (such as this topic) that I actually believe in.

sidenote: There are some aspects of Eastern medicine that are non-existent in Western medicine, so explaining how it works would be difficult. Lots of medicine basically balances out different "forces" in the body.


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Herbs are a mixed bag. I'm sure some work better than placebos and many others do not. I think I've heard before that acupuncture is no more effective than a placebo, so there's that, if that is true. Individual experience with any given medicinal technique does tend to drastically vary, though, so I don't doubt that acupuncture is effective for some, for whatever reason.


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Accupuncture I don't place too much stock in. I know three people who have tried it and none of the three recieved any relief at all from the conditions that led them to try it.

Herbal remedies are a different, and mixed, bag.

For a long time "natural" (including herbal but not limited to) remedies were the only kind that man had available. They worked before Pfizer and I see no reason to believe that they wouldn't work now.

Even to this day many of our pharmicuticals are either made from plant compounds or are synthetic reproductions of plant compounds.

Clearly plants have a huge, if not central, place in past, present, anf future of medicine and to write herbal remedies off wholesale would be ignorant.

That said, I think many traditional and Eastern medicines are really a lot more voodoo than anything else.


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I definitely have respect for things like herbs because I know that they can help different things. As for acupuncture or drilling into one's head I'm not so sure about that. I also haven't tried it so I don't know for sure if it works aside from what other people have said.


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I've never tried accupuncture, but I have a few herbal remedies that I swear by. I use Rescue Remedy to combat stress - it's cheaper than celexa or xanax and no side effects. it works great, i can even give a drop or two to my daughter when she's being a little shit.

I also use lobelia for muscle spasms. it also works better than any prescription muscle relaxer i've tried, and except for a little nausea if you take it on an empty stomach, it's side-effect free.


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Herbal remedies depend on the quality of the person selling them. They can solve some medical problems, but often they can be exaggerated in their claims.

Acupunture is similar. There is evidence that it can solve some ailments, however the evidence is sparse or conflicting for many others.