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Do you agree with my doctor?


Registered Member
Recently, I went to the doctor and told her that my eating habits have changed.
Foods I used to eat, some of them I can't handle anymore.
I either try to make it smaller amounts then before or not all.

She said "That as you age your diet becomes different."
I shouldn't worry too much as long as it isn't unhealthy that I trade for.
What do you think? Is she right?

I don't think that I want to live without pizza every once in a while, because I just love mozzarella too much.
Has your eating changed as you age? How do you feel about it in general?


Creeping On You
Your eating HAS to change as you age. I'm sorry but your doctor is right. As you age, some foods, your stomach wont handle as well. Red meat and spicy foods are the first usually for lots, because theyre the hardest on digestion. i'm only 35 and I already notice that some foods I love, give me a predictable unenjoyable reaction. I love pizza but the tomato sauce gives me acid reflux. i had to start ordering my pizzas with a garlic sauce base. I agree with your doctor.


Well-Known Member
Nobody can eat like they’re 15 their whole life. That’s how you die of a heart attack at 50

My eating habits changed as my metabolism slowed down. I had abdominal surgery (appendectomy) several years ago and my appetite has never fully recovered. It’s pretty good now but not the same.

I also try to eat healthier. More single ingredient foods, more meals I make myself, switched to seltzer instead of soda, etc.