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Religion Do you adopt philosophies from religions other than your own?


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Really the question is in this thread's title: "Do you adopt philosophies from religions other than your own?"

I've always thought that varying religions should be something to unite people instead of driving them apart, as tough as that may sound. Not only are similarities a possible source for that, but differences can be as well.

In my case, I identify as Catholic but find that the practices and philosophies of many other religious bases offer something special. A few examples from which I've learned are Buddhism, Hinduism, and the basics of Taoist thinking.

Do you enjoy or even adopt certain aspects of religions other than your own? Do you think that this is something that people should be open to, or that it is contrary to one faith to study and learn from another?

Discuss. :cool:


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The major religions pretty much say the same things in different ways. I guess someone might like the way a certain idea is presented in Christianity as opposed to Hinduism. Obviously the mythos is different, but the ethics and values are pretty much universal when we boil it down.

For example, the golden rule in Christianity is 'treat others the way you want to be treated' (basically). In I think Confucianism, it is 'don't to do others what you don't want done to you'. Same idea, different way of saying it.

If you're looking to find peace, one religion might tell you to use God, while others tell you to meditate to reach some higher state. In the end, you're finding peace anyways.It just comes down to which way you like better.


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I was raised Baptist but haven't went church in years. In today's world with so much information at your fingertips I think it would be hard not to be influenced by other religions. I do think the message most religion convey is similar just put forth in a different way.

Christianity-Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Confucius- Don't do to others what you don't want done to you.

Modern Update-Do unto others as you would have them do unto you but if they don't-Do unto them as they do unto you.


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I have no religion but I have adopted parts of Buddhism into things I do and say. I very much respect their philosophies of understanding and acceptance.


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I'm Pagan but I draw from several sources. The message of Jesus is a beautiful one that I enjoy and attempt to put into practice. However there is a lot of things that christianity brings up that I don't agree with. However the core central message is nice.

Same with Islam and Judaism. Buddhism is probably my favorite religion of all time but I do have gods and goddesses which is the main difference between me and Buddhism. Confusim and Taoism aren't really "religions" in the sence they do things for you in a constructive spiritual manor as much as they are "philosophies" or "ways of life". Neither focus on a deity or afterlife but rather focus entierly on this life. Shinto is just japanese Paganims.
The Hindu religion is a very vast and complicated religion that also mirrors Paganism. I can't think of any other monotheistic religions that don't stem from the Judo triad. (I'm sure they exist I just am not aware of their names or functions)


As an atheist I don't follow any religion.. of course. I've never really adopted ideas or philosophies from religions, but I have realised that there are some religions that tend to follow my own personal way of thinking. Buddhism in particular seems to be a lot about respecting nature and animals. Even though I didn't adopt it from any religion, I respect it for being similar to my own views.


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Baptised and raised Catholic, sometimes my philosophy or belief agrees with Protestants, Buddhists, Wiccans, etc. I haven't read the Koran but I'm curious if it has something I'd be ok with too. I just know that I can no longer fully identify myself with Catholicism though if I have to compare it with other religions (or non beliefs), it's still closest to how I'd describe myself.