Do WWE superstars not like Main Event Pushes?

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Atreyu, May 23, 2008.

  1. Atreyu

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    First Off, its my first post here and not sure if you can swear. But anyway, getting onto the topic.

    I've Recently been informed of the Whole William Regal thing. Nice Going Regal, You're Starting to get some good heel heat and Won the King of the Ring over a Rising star CM Punk and A veteran in Finley, and are among one of the biggest, If not the biggest pushes of you're career, yet you go the **** that up by using drugs. It will be interesting to see if you're push keeps going after this.

    But wait, Regal isn't the only one to **** up, lets look at one of WWE's most overrated stars, Jeff Hardy. I'm very happy to admit that he is indeed improving in the ring technical wise, But he has the charisma of a bloody Pack Mule. Yet even with this Flaw, he's lucky and over enough to get a huge push, and was rumored to be winning MITB of this years Wrestlemania.Yet, he screw's the whole thing just to get high.

    But that's not all, we still have one more Example.. RVD. Now the man who was given the title of the biggest star to have never held a major World title, So lets see, One night stand RVD beats John Cena to finally Capture his first world Title's, the WWE AND ECW Titles. But yet again, he is Arrested for Drugs along with Sabu, and suspended. He comes back from his suspension And leaves within Months of it.

    We can ask what would have happened if these few and many others hadn't done this, but its too late, considering they possibly ruined there Entire career. So nice going guys:pinch:

  2. Doc

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    We have an auto-swear filter that you can turn on or off depending on preferences. Feel free to say whatever the fuck you want.

    And, excellent post. I agree with all of your points. Like I said elsewhere I think one of the biggest (if not the biggest problem) problems is the brand split. Too many overrated mid carders trying to hold a main event and failing horribly.

    The drugs are just retards screwing up a good thing.
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    I agree with you but I also disagree with you. I do agree that Regal and the other wrestlers that you mentioned are stupid for doing what they did. Especially in the time they were getting a huge pushed from the WWE.

    But on the other hand you just mentioned four wrestlers there's tons of other wrestlers like Triple H, Cena, Undertaker and so many others that don't do drugs and other illegal stuff and help WWE become the best sports entertainment out there.

    Then you have wrestlers like Edge, Umaga, Mr Kennedy that got caught once, learned there lesson and getting pushes from the WWE. So you have wrestlers like Regal who has drug addiction then you have others like I mentioned that stay out of trouble and become huge stars in the WWE.
  4. padd

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    HHH is not on 'Roids? wait, i can understand Taker because he's already big.. Cena is always promoting that he is against roids.. Well HHH i always thought was on roids.
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    I'm sure that Triple H took steroids in his life, but since they put the Wellness policy in the WWE he hasn't taken any and he's still one of the main guys in the WWE. He knows if he did take steroids that he would get suspended, so he's smarter then that.
  6. Doc

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    I agree, but maybe not to a super extent. Did you notice that he always comes back bigger after a major injury? I think he gets a legalprescription for them to rehab his injuries and then holds to a super hard work out regiment on top of the steriouds he takes to rehab and THAT is what leads to his massive size.

    Look how big he wasn't when DX first started and he was in his Hunter Hurst Helmsley persona.

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