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Do virginity over again?


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Thinking back at losing your virginity would you change HOW it happen, WHEN, or WHO with?


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It wasn't a good experience, nor was it actually a bad experience. It was just not all I was expecting it to be. I wouldn't change it though.


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It wasn't a big deal by any means.....I can't see why people make such a big whoop about it.
I was 15 when I lost my virginity, would I change that??..probably....be a little older.
I lost the V to a man who was 30.....would I change that??
You betcha.....he was too old.....only wanted me for my body and my age (I'm assuming).
But all in all.....losing the virginity wasn't like fireworks, it wasn't like snow....it wasn't like thunder and lightning.....it wasn't painful enough to scream STOP......hell....it just wasn't...anything.
Not at all a big deal in my eyes.


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It hurt me =/ I wish it had been less painful. But no, I wouldn't change it. I was ready and it was right.


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I don't think I'd change it. It wasn't something planned or talked about, and there was no romantic layout beforehand. Things just kind of went that way with the girl I was with at the time, and I had love for her, so why not.


Hell, It's about time!
I would not change it. It was who I wanted it to be with and where I wanted it to be.


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I'm surprised there are no regrets!

I was pretty messed up during my teens and 20s. Having sex wasn't even a choice I made. I had no sense of self. No special guy, no special feeling, in an unsupervised home. It happened because I was lonely. Being wanted sexually was all I had to offer. Being used over and over was empty and depressing. I would totally take it back.

We are raising my daughter and son totally different. If I can help it I will never have them go through that.


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I wouldn't change anything because I wasn't like most girls in my high school who just spread it for anyone. I waited for the person I thought was the right one. 7 years later and we are still together.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm not a fan of trying to change my past, or regretting what I've done. I wouldn't change anything about my first time.