do u have feeling in love with cousins when u r a kid?


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i just read one person said he feel in love with his sister-in-law..and many follow said they also have that feeling when as kid... that kind of love or blood relation mix ...
in ancient .siter in law and cousin can married.
in our old story there many case .
the most famous case is lindaiyu and jiabaoyu..a very very sorrow story..


yeah ... in the past people would get married to their relatives. the phenomena still exists but rarely of course.
i've never felt love for my cousins. it's disgusting.
We could always start talking about the Oedipus complex, where the son falls in love with their biological mother.

Anyway as far as family goes I know when I was like seven I had a c rush on my second cousin. We spent a ton of time together and she was damn cute haha. Anyway, that definatly didn't last once I got older, but I can't say that it's necessarily disgusting. It's definatly not something ordinary, but when are human emotions normal?

The thing that amazes me is it became something of a taboo was because of the birth defects associated with inter-family breeding, until that came around people thought it was quite common to marry/mate within the family. I don't think I'd ever do it.

What would really get me is that couple in England, who were planning on getting married when they found out that they were both adopted by different foster families, but turned out to be biological siblings. Crazy, no?


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I had a crush on some of my cousins. We rarely saw each other so I don't feel them as "family". I think the whole incest taboo, aside from the biological side effects is also related to preserving familial roles - in which case, if you don't really have familial ties with someone, being attracted to them doesn't harm this relationship.

But yeah, I never pursued anything with those. I know it wasn't allowed. It's just that it made boring family reunions more bearable.


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I've always thought of it as incestual at best...

I actually know someone who's married their cousin, and well it's weird, but than again you gotta respect their culture regardless of your beliefs.


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Can't say I've ever been in that situation but I do know two cousins that are married. They're not in my family. Not sure how I'd feel about that to be honest. They seem to be really in love but it does make me shudder a bit. I just find it wrong.
My question is do you think this sense of wrongness/tabboo is because of a natural feeling or something engrained into us through society?


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Well my sister is in a relationship with her cousin, I'm not sure but I think it is her second cousin. They recently announced that they were getting married which makes me happy for my sister but obviously with it being taboo the thought makes me feel weird. I don't think she would get with someone closely related to her blood wise but the thing is... He has our last name so that's what makes me question how close he really is.
My question is do you think this sense of wrongness/tabboo is because of a natural feeling or something engrained into us through society?
I think the feeling is natural and instinctual, we are designed to reproduce and survive and i don't think you can survive with three legs..
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In Britain it's legal to marry your first cousin so I am thinking that (genetically) it can't be that dangerous to have kids with your first cousin, if it were surely it would be against the law? I know it's rare to happen now but it's really not that long ago that everyone did it if only for the reason of financial gain, keeping it in the family, that sort of thing. Personally I don't really have an opinion on it, it's not against the law so I don't really care, whatever makes people happy. I have never had a crush on my cousins, to be honest all of them are arseholes and I never see them lol!