do u afraid of atrocious dogs?


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:(today i met a woman who` pet is a big dog,i just pass by but that dog attacked to me...i wanted to cry that moment ....wawa\..
once my neighbor have a dog,:shake:when i by his house that big dog stay at the door ,it looked at me maybe it seen my afraid ,,,,i run away it after me ,,i run so fast like flying... can sense the dog`mouth touch my cloth..
then i cry loudly ...i afraid other`big dogs
Sounds like an episode of Dennis the Menace. Glad to see you're okay though. :) I've had a dog for most of my life and while I've learned to respect that they can be dangerous, I don't have any fear of them. There are a few volatile breeds but most are pretty harmless if raised correctly. I've petted many dogs without any backlash. I imagine that'd change slightly if I'd had your experience though.

Cats - now there's something I am afraid of. They sense my fear and scratch away until I look like a My Chemical Romance fan.
leomay, you need to talk to your neighbor about keeping their dog under control. If the dog does that again I suggest you get the police involved. You shouldn't fear a dog attack while walking down the street or passing a house.
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leo forgot to mention she was wearing her 100% German pork sausage suit that day.
Ahh.. Now we know the dog wasn't Jewish.

leo, I suggest taking mace or a concealed weapon with you the next time you walk by that house. You may need to harm it a bit to get it away from you.


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A dog attack is nearly always preventable and they are more often down to human behaviour and not the dogs. Every dog is different but there primeval instinct is the same.

You should NEVER run away from a dog. They will always chase you and then bite you. By running away you become the prey.

If a dog confronts you;

Make yourself as big as possible, tall and assertive, puff out your chest, raise your shoulders and hold your arms close to your body, if your wearing a coat hold the coat in your hands. Speak in a calm yet assertive manner and NEVER turn your back on it. Use slow movements and do not look the dog directly in the eyes, look past it. Don't show your teeth either, keep you mouth as small as possible. If possible grab a stick or a stone to protect yourself just in case.

Most dogs will bounce around and bark their heads off just in front of you, few dogs will actually attack unless provoked or invited(running away is an invitation to attack). Most dogs will stand down after a minute as soon as they realise you are not a threat or a target. They may even come real close and sniff you. As it looses interest(they have wonderfully short attention spans) slowly walk backwards away from the situation.

If after doing all the above and the dog were to actually attack you. A kick/punch/chop to the throat is enough to change any sized dogs mind of attacking you. If this fails and it bites, try and make it bite a clenched fist and do not do the natural thing and pull away, do the opposite and push your fist down the jaw, it will let go rather than choke. If it has a grip on you a finger in the eye will also work. (I have even heard of a finger up the dogs butt as an effective deterrent:-o).


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Ahh.. Now we know the dog wasn't Jewish.

leo, I suggest taking mace or a concealed weapon with you the next time you walk by that house. You may need to harm it a bit to get it away from you.
i wish the dog died ...died ,..died , i too evil:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::shifteyes::shifteyes::shifteyes:
.but i afraid all the big dogs ..


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I've walked through my city for years and knew some houses that have big dogs and had some just start running after me. I've never ran from a dog and I've never been bit. You need to understand that dogs like to intimidate and 99% of the time will not bite you. There no way to outrun a dog anyways so I just hold my hand out and if it wants to snap at it them I would grab it's head or beat it in the face.

If you are afraid of dogs then no dog will like you and all of them will bark and run after you. So just get over your fear because it's pointless, dogs are good beasts...


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lol, i tried jumping my neighbors fence wasn't sure if they kept there dog in the back yard at night so i went ahead and jumped the fence. i was jumping there fence because there backyard is right next to the neighbor hood i wanted to get to (instead of walking 1.5 miles it would be 1,000 feet). I jumped the fence fast as i could the dog ripped my jeans.


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I have to resist making fun of your broken English.

I'm not really afraid of ferocious dogs unless I feel in danger of physical harm.