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Do the Raptors overreact?


Registered Member
To the notion that American players will not want to stay in Toronto?

Look at the international flavor of Raptors picks over the years. While they are still in the minority you have to wonder what the Raptors philosophy is there.


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Toronto is no different from Cleveland, Minnesota and a handful of other franchises. If you dont have great enough incentive for stars to play there, then they won't come, or stay.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Many former athletes and current ones rave about the city of Toronto. If I remember correctly Charles Barkley recently came out and said he absolutely loves Toronto.

I think certain athletes turn-off is the taxes and they don't want to put their kids through a Canadian school system b

To an answer your question, no I don't believe they overreact most superstar they drafted eventually left the team because they no longer want to play in Canada.


Registered Member
No, I don't think so. They're doing what they feel is best for their team. Drafting international players isn't wrong. Most of the Spurs' team is made of international players. The Raptors need to build a good team that can contend. If they do that, players will likely stay.
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