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Do the Bad Guys ever win? (Antagonist) *possible spoilers*


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Last night after watching an episode of Fafner before they were about to embark on an epic battle. I thought of the question "Have the bad guys ever actually win?"

I suppose by win I mean defeat/kill the hero and then continues his conquest of world domination or wherever his asperations sit. Also once our hero is defeated its over the series ends with the antagonists getting their way.

I ran through a mental list of animes I've seen and I could not think of one. In the end the bad guy is stopped (sometimes the hero is killed in the process) but so is the villian.

Has anyone seen ANY animes where the villian is the victor and the hero dies or walks away in defeat because I havent.


A Darker Knight
Well in Dragonball, Z especially, the heroes get killed many times over. It's those pesky dragonballs that keep reviving them back.


I dunno. . . Gendo, the only guy who came close to "winning" didn't fulfill his main goal of getting his wife back (err, well, in a human form that would stay with him). Third Impact did happen, so does that mean Rei/Lilith won?


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I'm guessing you've never seen the end of Evangelion. I won't spoil it for you.
Actually I did see Evangelion and I did see End of Eva. Gendo did not fullfill his task and Shinji chose the path of individuality as oppose with merging with all the others. And free will was given for individuals to merge back into the "goo" (cannot remember for the life of me what its called) or to pursue indivuality.

I read enough about the ending to actually grasp it and determined it was a "happy" ending. And if we look at the bad guys so to speak the angels were all destroyed...gendo's plot was foiled...so the antagonists did not win...

DBZ with them being revived the bad guys didnt win.

I want a 26 episode anime where our hero has died and there is no chance of winning the fight against our villian. Anything like that guys?


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You know what....? I can't think of a single thing. Hmmm.... I might look into this and see if I come up with anything.


in wrestling aka WWE, bad guys win all the time and trust me its just as good as a storyline movie or show.... *acted out cough...

and the bad wrestlers never get matched up with other "unpopular" wrestlers...
well the majority of the time they dont.


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I mean I think an anime with the bad guy winning would be a GOOD idea if its never been done.

Although deep down inside I would hate to see our hero/heroine die or fail but how rememberable would that anime be?

Also how many Anti-Heroes do you see in animes?


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The antagonists win in Princess Nine. But that's a sports anime, so I'm not sure it counts. None the less in the end, despite the teams hard work, the protagonists lose.

However, like with any sports anime, their bonds are stronger than ever and they will be all the stronger next year, and all that stuff.