Do "pro-choice" people really support this?


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The legislation isn't supposed to be passed. It is supposed to cause controversy. Get people riled up.
I disagree. Voting the repeal ObamaCare over and over when Obama is President is meant to cause controversy.
This is very different. A governor stated clearly that he supports a law that states if a baby survives an abortion, the doctor and mother can decide its life. The Senate proposed a bill that a doctor cannot do that without facing consequences. Its a simple bill. There is no poison pill. It doesn't touch Roe v. Wade.
I honestly believed until a few weeks ago that almost everybody in America felt the same. I hope its just the Democrat Party and not 40% of people.


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The senate shot down a bill that would protect babies that survived an abortion and were born anyway. 44 Democrats voted no.

Their position on baby rights is stunningly depraved.

They fully support citizenship being granted to kids born to illegals. Somehow they don’t support citizenship and basic rights being granted to babies that are born to citizens if an abortion procedure is botched. They are ok with the baby being killed in that scenario. You couldn’t name something more evil to me.

They are slowly showing us just how far they’re willing to go. It’s disgusting and far more extreme than originally thought by most.

So much for safe, legal, and rare.

These guys are subhuman debris. They will answer to God one day for the darkness in their hearts.
I read an article recently in the paper that referred to pro-lifer's as "anti-choice". I suppose that means pro-choicer's are "anti-life". Well what the hell, let's just make it so parents can off their offspring at any age. It would be an efficient means of population control and the ultimate expression of pro-choice. I mean seriously, if a child's life is considered to have no value in the womb then what difference does being exposed to the atmosphere make? Just kill 'em. Kill 'em all. Kill Kill Kill! They want a tattoo at 11? Kill 'em. They dent the car at 17? Off 'em. They want to pull the plug on you when you're on life support? Well, you waited too long, it's your own fault. What's the point of letting children live? So they can deal with the debt, pollution, and shit left to them by prior generations? Offing them is a mercy. Make sure not to miss any. Their screaming gives me a headache.

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Alabama votes to ban nearly all abortions including in rape and incest cases

To me, this is the compromise on the abortion issue. On one hand you have states like NY that allow abortions up to birth. On the other end you have states like AL that have outlawed the practice. States rights. I would like to see every state pass the AL law. But I realize to get to where you want to be, you have to allow compromise.
Let all sides have their way on the local level. Even with the horrible laws of NY and VA, it gives me hope that we can survive as a country and can compromise.


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Sadly, it is a proven fact that abortion laws stop poor people from having abortions in safe, sterile settings. Rich people have it done in nice clinics. Poor people are forced to go to back alley medics, usually not doctors and then show up in the emergency room bleeding out. My mother in law, a life time Republican and RN saw the results of this first hand. Despite loathing the idea of abortion, she was a realist.