Do Musicians/Artists Have to Look Good?


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What do you think? Nowadays it seems that most musicians put pictures of themselves on the covers of their albums. If you didn't think somebody or their band looked "attractive" would you still buy their music? It seems like a stupid question but I imagine that this is the very reason why half of these people put their pics on their cd's in the first place.

Look at American Idol. It's generally the better looking people who make it to the finals. I wonder sometimes how many people are voting based on looks.



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Personally I think that looks no't matter when I'm listening to your music. If I saw Richard Cheese walking down the street I would not be able to distinguish him from any other guy that is there. This is because I don't care what he looks like. I care that I love his music.

As for American Idol I believe that people are naturally drawn to what they find to be attractive to all senses. If it was a contest that was not televised and done purely on the radio I guarantee that the results would play out differently.


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I'm with Barb here. In most cases Looks don't really matter as long as the music they're producing is good.

AS for American Idol.. That's just a popularity contest really. Sure the people in the finals can sing well otherwise they wouldn't be there in the first place. But it's generally the person with more personality that wins. Not exactly the best singing talent.


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I don't think a persons looks should have anything to do it with, But i think it does now. All the bands/artists seem young and good looking now and always have pictures on there albums, and it seems alot of people go out and buy there albums because of this.


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Sex and looks sell, simple as that.

For me, I couldn't give a monkies what a singer looks like, it seems to be a prerequisite for X facter and Pop Idol contestants for them to be physically attractive.

I blame the record companies for their part in this but like I said sex sells.
Yeah it matters nowadays, and I've always hated that.. EEB is right with 'sex sells.' It just doesn't make sense to me! It doesn't matter to me whatsoever what the band looks like all I care about is how they sound. I do listen to mostly old music though, I don't care much for new stuff, they're all too occupied with image and not with the music itself.


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I agree with Barb and Trey' on the American Idol answer. From what my mom always said, Sanjia or whatever wasn't that good of a singer but everyone liked him so everyone voted him to stay.

When it comes to anything else, I don't think it matters. You can look into the different genres of music and pick those who are really popular bands but not the most attractive people, yet people keep listening.


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I don't think that looks should matter, but they do in today's world. Atleast I think it depends on what genre you are trying to make it in. Pretty much you have to be beautiful in Pop music, but something like Death Metal...looks don't matter as much as talent does.

I don't think looks are going to sell your CD to someone just walking around a music store, but looks will help you make it to the Television and what not to get you out there to have people hear your music thus selling CDs.