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Do certain video games cause kids to be violent?


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Do you believe that violent media, mostly in video games cause children to be violent?

I'm curious to hear what posters think.


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I believe it can be part of the cause yes. Circumstances at home can be a trigger and then a child gets angry without be able to vent that anger. He plays these violen games and sees there is no consequence in the games and wonder if he can do this for real. Then he tries it and finds out different.
But it definitely starts at home or even school.


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Honestly, it's a combination of factors. Playing video games can't be the sole factor leading a child to commit acts of violence. It's everything surrounding him: social situation, economic situation, geographical situation, etc. My parents were hesitant to buy us video games when we were kids and it wasn't until I was 10 years old that we got our first Nintendo console.

Overall, it's mostly up to the parents to ensure their children understand the concept and the consequences of violent acts. If they feel the kids won't be up to the task, then don't.


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Violent video games causing more aggression and violent acts by young children?

Well, let's just say that violent video games don't help.

I think it also can cause lack of respect kids have for adults in their lives, such as their parents and teachers.