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Do Atheists Hate God?


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My interest in this specific topic started with the cross at Trade Center site thread. http://www.generalforum.com/other-n...rld-trade-center-cross-87806.html#post1034422

From my personal experience knowing many atheists in real life I've found that the vast majority of them do not only not believe in God but actively work against Christians and hate God.

What is your point of view on this. Obviously I'm not saying that "all atheists hate God" but I am saying that a large percentage of them do. You could also interpret this to be simply a hatred of the concept of God.

Obviously atheism at it's core is simply not believing in God/a supreme being (dictionary.com) but I think that much of it has grown to be so much more than simply disbelief in God.

Now I'm not pointing any fingers or accusing anybody of anything I simply want to have a discussion about this.

What are your thoughts on this?

*please refrain from flaming, spamming, and trolling.
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To say it once again, more clearly.

I don't think Atheists should hate God. "Hate" is a strong word in this case because atheists don't really have any strong reason to hate God.
They don't believe in God not because they don't want to, but because they think there's no single proof of God.
So, they can't hate something they don't believe in.

Maybe you have misunderstood the concept Atheists have about God. Or you could be right, some of them hate Him ..but I find it kind of ridiculous.

If atheists hate God, then indirectly they accept the existence of God...which is a paradox.
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As you said in the OP, Dave, Atheism is defined as not believing in God. I said it in the thread regarding the World Trade Center, but I'll add my thoughts here as well.

Basically, I know a good number of Atheists. Some are very adamantly against religion - not God or whatever deity is in question - in seeing the many downsides that come with religion that is organized by human beings with faults and flaws. Others are very laid back and respectful of all other faith bases.

I have noticed a more aggressive anti-religious side to a couple of my friends that identify as atheist. So that does seem to be somewhat of movement happening in modern atheism, but don't mistake that for representing atheism as a whole.

As a Catholic I try to look at it in the same way regarding my beliefs. I'm very respectful of everyone else having their own individualized faith base - or lack of faith base. Some Catholics/Christians, however, are very hateful and ignorant towards other faiths or other people living one way or another. I don't want that to represent me as a Catholic and I'm sure that in the case of some atheists being more aggressively anti-religion I'm sure that there is a silent majority that is more about everyone living their lives in peace and with respect.

The silent majority point is a big part of this, at least from what I've experienced. I think that with matters of religion a lot of times the more hateful or noninclusive people are the most vocal. With atheism, this may be a twist on that cultural phenomenon.

EDIT - I'd like to add one last random comment to my thoughts on the topic...I think a lot of problems that come between people of varying belief systems is a lack of understanding of each other, of differences that are there and of similarities that do exist. People see protests against the LGBT community at funerals of soldiers and hear about anti-religion things coming from an atheist group that might be hurtful. We watch analysts and outspoken people talk about it on 24-hour news networks, and these people often represent fringe elements of faith or atheism that really end up dividing us unnecessarily. I advise that if you're religious to sit down with an atheist friend and have a calm and deep discussion about stuff like this if it bothers you, and vice versa for an atheist. I believe that people are more practical and level headed than modern society may lead us to believe. /rant :)
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Atheists can't hate god since god doesn't even exist. But a lot of atheists hate religion. I've heard other atheists call Christians and Muslims psychotic. The communist leaders in Russia said the same thing.
Well, I think everyone's nuts so I don't think it's a good reason to bash people.

Some Christians attack atheists. Some atheists attack Christians. I call those people extremists. I'm a moderate atheist. I know there aren't any gods but I don't have the right to try and change what other people "know". I've been reading about the Catholic religion. It's awesome! I think it's more like a culture than a religion and they have so many traditions. If I ever went to a church I think it would be like visiting another country. I'd wanna learn more about it and try to understand it, not bash it. People needa stop hating. If everyone was the same, the world would be totally boring.


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Atheists suffer from the same image problems as Christians. Most are decent folk who have their beliefs but won't make like a rapist and jam them down your throat. They end up getting defined by the crazy people who subscribe to their same beliefs. When people think of Christian representation in the media, it's usually fanatics such as Fred Phelps or the 'dumb southerner' stereotype who thinks evolution was something Satan dreamt up. Since there really is no organized form of atheism (as it would be somewhat contradictory) they end up being seen and defined by the extremists.

Do atheists hate God? Sure, some of them.

Do Christians hate you? Sure, some of them.


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Atheism is totally understandable for the rational and reasonable mind that wants to question. My father is an atheist. But he is so bitter against believers. That is what I don't get. What is so bad that people want to believe in a creator? I want to beleive. My stability is rooted in a faith that there is a powerful and caring omnipotent God that I can rely on. But I'm very smart too and have a scientific career.


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Atheism is totally understandable for the rational and reasonable mind that wants to question. My father is an atheist. But he is so bitter against believers. That is what I don't get. What is so bad that people want to believe in a creator? I want to beleive. My stability is rooted in a faith that there is a powerful and caring omnipotent God that I can rely on. But I'm very smart too and have a scientific career.
I don't think there's anything bad about it. I'm an atheist but sometimes I wanna believe that other people love me, maybe even more than they really do. And sometimes when I watch Harry Potter I wanna believe in magic. I think everybody believes or wants to believe in something. It doesn't make anyone less intelligent. It just gives people hope and people need that.
I think people need to care more about each other than they do about religious symbols.


As and atheist I don't overtly 'hate' God or any one particular religion more than another. I mainly just try to avoid religion and religious things as much as I can. And I'll admit it, I do sometimes feel uncomfortable around people who I know are REALLY religious but it doesn't make me act any different to them, and I certainly don't hate them. I basically treat everyone the same regardless of race, religion, gender etc. The one major element I really judge humans on is their treatment of animals... and to some extent their treatment of each other. But do I hate God? No I wouldn't say so.


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From the atheists that I know, I think it's more suitable to say that they hate the concept of God that exists and the organised religions resulting from this concept, including their fundamental followers who push this same concept on everyone else. Maybe some see them as actively working against Christians, in the same way they see Christians (and other believers) as actively working against them.


I don't hate the Easter Bunner, so why would I hate God?

I kid I kid, but I think the hatred seen in God is just a hatred in the idea of God or in organised religion.

When I first identified myself as an Athiest I actively sort out people of differering beliefs and berated them for being so foolish, because I was so smart and had figured everything out. But then I realised who stupid I was and left them alone.

I don't believe in a God. But I don't hate anyone who thinks differently.

Anyone who hates God because they're an Atheist is an idiot. If you hate God because you have run into a string of bad luck then I could understand.