PSP Do any people here even have a PSP?


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Do any people here even have a PSP? I do, who else?
It is good, but a bunch of systems get dead pixels. They scratch very easily, so I would recomend a screen protecter and a better case than the one that comes with it. Just want to know who's got one.

Also, how do you make a poll? (vote)?


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You can add a poll when creating the thread. It's one of the options underneath the text box. If you edit your post you should be able to add one. If not, repost it with a poll and I can delete this thread.


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I will probably never own one, on my grand list of priorities in life, money is more important than a portable playstation. A portable n64 was always my dream, and it seems that the DS will be as close we will ever get to a portable n64, as the next Nintendo handheld will probably be closer to the cube in terms of power.


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Gamechamp said:
I have one... sort of. It's really someone else's, but I'm the only one who ever uses it.
i usese before my friend has one and im planning to buy one for about $125 from some guy in this forum


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if anyone plays atv offroad... online, you can find me on there every now and then. unreal is my username. everyone who owns a PSP should definitely look into retro console emulation. ALso, PSP kicks DS @$$!!! DS can't do anything besides let you play Old n64 games you've already beat and play with virtual dogs. OOOOoooo... i'm impressed. Meanwhile, a lot of PSP games are really good (especially newer titles like Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, Daxter, and Prince of Persia: Revelations) at least they won't make you look like a sissy playing with and petting your Nintendog. You can browse the web, add PDA functions via homebrew, play movies, music, exclusive game media (like interviews, behind-the-scenes, etc. via downloads), and like I said, most PSP games are actually pretty good, you just can't compare them with console games (though a lot of PSP games look good enough to be on PS2!)
dont mean to be rude, just supporting my favorite console.