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Django (pronounced JANG-GO) is a web development framework written in python. While it hasn't hit version 1.0 yet, the code is mature because it was taken from a productive news web site. Not sure if we have any python developers here, but I was curious if anyone has experiemented with Django yet?

Anyways, I'm hoping to play around with it and maybe even write some tutorials over the course of the next few weeks.


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I’ve never really sat down and read a book on python, but I’ve been able to get it to do what I’ve wanted in the past. I think what I really like about Django is that it comes with a full fledge administrator page (i.e. adding, modifying, permissions, groups, etc) that will allow users to start adding content immediately while the overall website is being development. ORM is used pretty extensively throughout the framework, which basically allows you to use python to create a SQL table, and then the framework will use the field types to create forms. For example, if you have a date field of type text, the form generated will have a textbox, or a date for date field that is of type date.
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