Dixie Carter addresses the TNA roster


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I must say, Dixie Carter is hot. I thought this speech, however, was not good. I don't think it went over like she probably thought it was going too. She doesn't have a lick of charisma. I don't get the point in it.

It's been reported as well that afterwards alot of the talent were rolling their eyes and thought it was dumb also. Here's what I read...

source: PWInsider.com

-- As seen during the start of the Thursday's iMPACT! broadcast, TNA President Dixie Carter addressed the talent roster by noting the numerous changes made in recent weeks by the company. For those wondering, it was a legitimate speech and not something put together to further storylines. Furthermore, her comments were her own and not at all scripted.

A number of wrestlers have been creatively frustrated in recent weeks and it is believed that this was her way of showing who's in control.
And more...

As seen on Thursday's episode of iMPACT!, TNA President Dixie Carter addressed the numerous changes made by the company in recent weeks to the talent roster. One TNA wrestler has gone on record with his thoughts regarding her speech. Here is what he told Mike Aldren of the Wrestling Globe Newsletter: "I have no idea why Dixie wanted that to air. She sounded terrified. After the meeting there were a lot of guys rolling their eyes. This locker room isn't one big happy family as [Dixie] wants us to portray publicly. Everyone is divided over the idea of Hogan coming in, and not in a good way."
Here's the speech if you'd like to watch it:

YouTube - Dixie Carter Addresses The TNA Roster#
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I thought it was an awful idea to put this on Impact. Obviously Dixie thinks that now is the time for TNA to step it up and maybe take on WWE but all i think this interview did is show the weaknesses and creative riffs inside TNA. She doesn't come across as any sort of authority figure and i hope to GOD she never becomes an on-screen character! :p


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I agree with everything that's been said, I think it was a stupid idea and made her look bad more than anything else.

I don't think it's such a big deal though if wrestlers hate her for this, and I don't think she should care as well. Don't get me wrong it's good to have a working relationship with your boss, but a lot of wrestlers hate Vince and that didn't stop him from having major success.


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Source: FigureFourNewsletter...

This is from a source within in the WWE...their reaction after watching Dixie Carter address her roster.

Apparently 5 wrestlers asked for their release after this happened...none of them were granted their release.

Two names that apparently asked out were Homicide and Frankie Kazarian (Suicide)

"After investing the previous two hours of Impact on hyping how Hulk Hogan and TNA are ushering in this new era of euphoria with this huge game changer move and perhaps making their fan base feel like this is finally the place to be right here and right now, they kick off this week's show with THAT video.

. A video that comes across totally out of context even if it's not a 'shoot, brutha', where a sea of sleepy, droopy-faced and indifferent talent sit in bleachers and are lectured to by a woman that has about 2% conviction in the speech she's giving.

"For the talent, it's a big old 'F*** you, it's my way or the highway'. For the viewer it comes across as 'Hey, you know that whole big Hulk Hogan hype we sold you on last week? Yeah, buyer beware - it's not as cool or as euphorically kick ass as we kind of suggested it was last week.' I don't think it served any purpose other than to further amp up Dixie's ego. It was like a bad public speaking class."