Football Divisional Playoffs


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I'll take the Patriots by three TD's in that game.

I cannot believe how that MIN / NO game ended. I hadn't seen much of it but sure turned it on in enough time to see one hell of a fourth quarter. Case effing Keenum...what a lucky fucker


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I don't ever recall an NFL postseason game ending with a "walkoff touchdown" but that's what the Vikings did tonight.

That NFC Championship Game next Sunday night should be epic.

As for that Jags/Steelers game this afternoon, I'm still stunned about the whole thing. A Blake Bortles-lead offense putting 45 points is a headscratcher. Even though the Jax D had a major, major part in this victory.
First one was funny. But Te'o jokes are suuuuper played out and corny.

I am definitely good with this final 4. Now that the Steelers and Falcons are gone, I am happy with any of the possible Super Bowl matchups.