Divisional chases heat up


Diamond Joe Quimby

Mets at Phillies
Brewers at Cubs
Diamondbacks at Padres

All three series going on right now, with the Phils starting their series back the furthest, at 6 back.

Padres and Brewers could both catapult themselves into the dvision lead with sweeps of their respective series. Phils could be as close as two games, or as far as 8 games, out at the end of their series with the Mets.

Thanks to a strong series in Philadelphia, the Padres hold the NL wild card lead by 3 over the Phils.

Buckle in, folks, it could get really wild.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's going to be a close race in some divisions for the rest of the season. Especially in the NL Central, there's three teams in contention. The Cubs vs Brewers series coming up will be huge especially if a team gets swept. This is exciting baseball, I cannot wait till the playoffs start.