Divine Ground


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There is a divine ground from where everything rises from. We are all capable of direct intuition of that source.

Each of us can realize this within ourselves. God does love us all. He communicates with us all in a way we understand perfectly. He does walk and talk with us, He sees our hearts and hears our prayers. And when we come to Him with a heart of meekness, by scriptures or elders and the like, He enlightens the eyes of our own understanding and reveals His perfect Will to each of us personally.

This is true in all the great world Faiths, is it not?


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Well, except for the many faiths that don't follow a god or gods (Buddhism, Taoism, Confucionism, various New Age faiths) and the several hundred million Atheists and Agnostics.

I must say I heartily enjoyed comparing the scriptures (the most imperfect of things) to the perfect will of your god.

Elaborate, why did you start a thread? And why do you refer to holy ground and then give a Judeo-Christian lecture?


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most of my life is deeply rooted in Christianity but I keep returning to all things hindu. I've even begun to find sources that line the two up.

the second paragraph is a paraphrase of something beautiful I heard a woman Bible teacher say once. The relationship of walking by the spirit she refered to really touched my heart in a critical time in my life. But I don't think she was talking about divine ground. She was talking about the Judeo/Christian Father-God.

Self-Realization is possible I believe by all including agnostics and atheists. Surely Buddhists seek seek this?