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Divas/Knockouts in Special Stipulation matches?


Haters gonna hate.
Now with Mickie James and Tara actually kicking ass in a Steel Cage Match last week on Impact/Reaction AND the JUST MADE announcement of LayCool facing Beth Pheonix and Natalya in a Tag Team Divas Tables Match...

Do you think that more special stipulations should be added to Divas/Knockout matches?

I think so, if the talent can handle it.


Registered Member
if they can handle than absolutely sure they should...

woman matches are too easy to call otherwise and this could spice things up!


Where is my Queen?
TNA Knockouts can definetly handle the stipulations due to the fact they have better female talent. I don't think that the divas can handle it and it will probably be a horrible match, but who knows.

Mickie James and Tara are great talent and they can handle these type of matches and put on a good show. I believe the divas can't handle it, but we should wait and see. I remember Trish Stratus and Lita in a cage and it was entertaining, but the divas that we have now are just plain shitty with the exception of there looks.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Beth and Natalya will put on a good showing in this match, both are arguably the most talented female wrestlers in the ring nd they're going to impress us with things they're going to do to McCool and Layla. I agree not not a lot of Divas can handle these type of matches, but anyone can it's definitely Beth and Natalya.


Haters gonna hate.
BTW, this match was set up as a complete reaction and answer to the James/Tara angle on Impact.

Are they jealous?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I think that good talent can make these matches great (I still remember seeing Gail Kim vs. Jacqueline in a cage match in St. Louis a few years ago, and Gail Kim jumping off of the top of the cage with a flying cross-body, awesome match). It has to be the right divas/knockouts involved and it shouldn't be all the time, I think making it rare makes it feel more important in the case of women wrestlers.


Haters gonna hate.
I agree, Unity, like maybe once or twice a year! That would make the most sense.
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